Luxembourg wins the 2023 SCA U18 Championship

It was clear from the start that the Luxembourg team was well-formed and stable in all their actions against the Northern Irish team that had very weak chances for the bronze medal. That dream came to a quick end as the Luxembourg girls secured a 3-0 win and the SCA U18 Championships title without losing a set in all their matches.

In the first set, the Luxembourg team dominated the court, winning 25-12 and the direction was set for the gold medal. In the second set, the Northern Irish team managed to get over in the position 13-12, making the Luxembourg team work hard but in the end, it was like their game faded out despite coming close, 21-18 but Luxembourg scored the last 4 points without an answer from Northern Ireland winning the set 25-18.

In the third set, the Luxembourg team dominated the court in every aspect of the match, securing the win with strong serves and better attacking while the Northern Irish had problems in setting up attacks and the reception formation did not enable many counterattacks. It was an easy 25-8 set win by the Luxembourg team which did an outstanding championship with a team that has a good possibility in Europe‘s future volleyball.

San Marino secure the silver medal

San Marino took the silver medal by beating Ireland 3-1, 25-14, 25-14, 23-25, 25-14. The first 2 sets were dominated by the San Marino team but in the third set, the Irish team showed its best actions and took San Marino by surprise with a 2-point win. With this blow, the San Marino girls came back with strong intensity winning the 4th set unchallenged to claim the SCA U18 silver medal.

Malta secured the bronze medal

Despite hard efforts from Ireland, they lost the first set 25-22, and the second set 25-18. In the third set, it was a tight and great battle. Ireland levelled 16-16 and got over 19-16, Malta came back, matching 19-19, 21-21,  and then securing the necessary 2 points to win the match, 25-23. Malts secured the victory in 3 sets to claim the bronze medal with a good performance on home soil.

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