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SCA Edinburgh 2021 – Day 2

Day 2 started with a bang today, with pool play continuing throughout the morning. Neill and Park (NIR) were up first with our 2nd three set match of the competition, just losing out on the win against Fraser/Mexson (SCO). Dropping the net height we moved to some women’s matches, with Beattie and Coutts comfortably winning 2-0 against Ranklin and Baillie (SCO). Einarsdottir and Jónsdóttir’s (ISL) match followed in a similar way, also winning 2-0 against Blair and Harris (SCO). Waldie and Gillies’ match had a brief interruption with a medical timeout, but after athletes were checked out, the game finished with a 2-0 win for Keefe and Tucker (ENG). The women’s pool matches finished with Morrison and Barbour’s 2-0 win over their Northern Irish opponents Scott and Montgomery.

The Ferry brothers started off the men’s matches, with a 2-0 win over Robb and McCaughern (NIR). Wild card Kostler and Klaffinger (AUT) continued their win streak with a 2-0 over Whiteside and Workman (NIR). Another Scotland against Scotland match was up next, with Boyle and Caldwell (SCO) coming out top with a 2-0 win over Scott and McKelvie (SCO). Stewart and Scott (NIR) finished off the men’s pool play, providing an exciting 2-1 win over their Northern Irish counterparts Neill and Park (NIR).

A three set thriller was up next, with Gretarsdottir and Vigfusdottir (ISL) upsetting home team Beattie and Coutts (SCO) with a 2-1 win. Morrison and Barbour (SCO) quickly dispatched Ford and Holmes (NIR) 2-0, with Keefe and Tucker beating Wales’s Ionascu and Skidmore (WAL) 2-0 shortly after. Einarsdottir and Jónsdóttir (ISL) finished off the women’s quarter finals with a 2-0 win over Scotland’s McLean and Fowler (SCO).

The last two matches of the day were the first of the men’s quarter-final matches. Making it three for three, Kostler and Klaffinger (AUT) won 2-0 against Devey and Robins (WAL). Finishing off the day was a classic Scotland versus Scotland, with McGuigan and Riddle ending on a high with a 2-0 win against the McHardy brothers.

Tomorrow sees the completion of the men’s quarter finals, before moving on the semi-finals and eventually the finals! Make sure to watch out for the live streams on Scottish Volleyball’s facebook page.

SCA Edinburgh 2021 – Day 1

Day one of the Small Countries Association Edinburgh 2021 International Beach Competition concluded yesterday, with all 15 matches being played over the course of 11 hours.

Starting with seeds number 1, Beattie and Coutts (SCO) played strongly against Northern Ireland’s Ford and Holmes, winning the match 2-0. Quickly followed by an all Iceland affair, Einarsdottir and Jonsdottir made quick work of their opponents, also winning the match 2-0. A classic Scotland v England match followed, with England’s Keefe and Tucker winning against McLean and Fowler 2-0. Scotland and Wales finished off the women’s morning matches, with Morrison and Barbour (SCO) beating Ionascu and Skidmore (WAL) 2-0.

After a quick net change, the men’s matches started off with Monaco’s brother duo of Ferry and Ferry taking on Wales’ Devey and Robins (WAL). Close points resulted in a 2-0 win for the Monaco pairing. Next up was the only Austrian team in the competition, with Kostler and Klaffinger comfortably beating Scotland’s McGuigan and Riddle. Next on the courts was two of the five Scottish men’s teams entered in the competition. Arguably the loudest match of the day, Stewart and McKelvie (SCO) won 2-0 against another brother duo in McHardy and McHardy (SCO). Finishing off the first men’s session of the day was Stewart and Scott (NIR) against Fraser and Mexson (SCO), with the Northern Irish team finishing the battle 2-0.

Back to the women’s matches and the sun was still shining! In their second match of the day Ford and Holmes (NIR) beat Ranklin and Bailie (SCO) 2-1, while Gretarsdottir and Vigfusdottir (ISL) beat Blair and Harris (SCO) 2-0. Waldie and Gillies (SCO) pushed McLean and Fowler (SCO) to the limit, but the elder Scotland team recovered with a 2-1 win. Ionascu and Skidmore (WAL) ended the women’s matches with a 2-0 over Scott/Montgomery (NIR)

Three matches left and we’re back to the men’s teams. Devey and Robins (WAL) won 2-0 against Northern Ireland’s Robb and McCaughern. An experienced McGuigan and Riddle (SCO) won 2-0 against Whiteside and Workman (NIR) as the day drew to a close. The final match of the day saw another all-Scottish match up, with the McHardy duo bringing home the 2-0 win against Boyle and Caldwell (SCO).

VolleyballPhotos spent the day with us at the event, and you can purchase original, unwatermarked pictures from their website:

Tomorrow sees teams back at 9:00am for another day on the beach. Facebook will again stream all matches live, which you can find on our Facebook page.

SCA Event Preparation and Draw

Preparation for the Small Countries Association Edinburgh 2021 International Beach Volleyball competition was completed today, with staff and volunteers spending the day building and decorating the court.

With all teams, officials and staff having arrived safely in Scotland and teams completing their preliminary enquiries, the draw for the competition was determined this evening. This can be viewed at the following link:

Live streaming of matches will commence at 09:00 tomorrow (4th) and will be shown on the Scottish Volleyball Facebook page, which can be found at the following link:

Good luck to all teams who are competing this weekend!

Edinburgh to host SCA zonal event in early June

Scottish Volleyball is delighted to announce that they will be hosting a CEV SCA Beach Volleyball zonal event in Edinburgh, from June 4-6, 2021. This will be the first ever competition organised at the new inland beach facility in Edinburgh, in collaboration with Liberton High School and Edinburgh Beach Volleyball Club.

This competition is taking place thanks to the huge support of Edinburgh Council who are the events partner for this summer allowing Scottish Volleyball to deliver a calendar full of Beach Volleyball for all!

Additionally, Scottish Volleyball are organising this competition in close collaboration with the CEV and the Small Countries Association (SCA), who continuously support them in the planning, development and successful implementation of their projects.

The tournament in Edinburgh will have no court spectators due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, but live streaming of all matches will be available through the official social media channels of Scottish Volleyball.

Golden Sets decide dramatic Faroese league finals

In the most dramatic fashion, the women’s team of SÍ Sørvágur and the men of Mjølnir Klaksvík claimed the Faroese national league titles after winning the Golden Set to 15 in their respective two-series finals.

Women’s Final

Thursday, April 1: Dráttur vs SÍ Sørvágur 0-3 (14-25, 18-25, 15-25)
Saturday, April 3: SÍ Sørvágur vs Dráttur 2-3 (25-21, 20-25, 23-25, 25-21, 12-15)
Golden Set: SÍ Sørvágur vs Dráttur 17-15

The women of SÍ had made short shrift of Dráttur in the first leg  on Thursday with a comfortable 3-0 win, but as the set difference does not count – only victory itself does – Dráttur had another opportunity on Saturday and “only “ needed to win the match to force the 2nd leg final into an all-deciding Golden Set to 15 points.

Having lost the opening set after having thrown away a healthy lead, Dráttur came back strong and won the second and third ones, but SÍ were on top again in the fourth to set up the tiebreaker where a win would secure them the title. However, Dráttur fought hard and from 7-all opened up a three-point gap which they managed to preserve to win the tiebreaker 15-12 to send the final into a winner-takes-all Golden Set to 15.

The Golden Set was going SÍ’s way as they took a 9-4 lead, but Dráttur levelled at 13-13 and went on to get a championship point at 15-14, but SÍ (pictured above) survived the scare and won the next three points to claim a 17-15 set victory – and most of all, the Faroese league title.

The players and coaching staff of Mjølnir celebrate their third straight Faroese national league title

Men’s Final

Thursday, April 1: ÍF Fuglafjørður vs Mjølnir 1-3 (14-25, 22-25, 26-24, 21-25)
Saturday, April 3: Mjølnir vs ÍF Fuglafjørður 2-3 (25-21, 14-25, 23-25, 25-19, 17-19)
Golden Set: Mjølnir vs ÍF Fuglafjørður 15-11

The men’s final was just as dramatic. As ÍF Fuglafjørður had lost the first leg against Mjølnir Klaksvík 1-3, their only path to the title was by winning the second match and the eventual Golden Set. That dream seem to have faded as ÍF faced a match point at 14-15 in the tiebreaker and again at 15-16, but ÍF dug deep and turned it around to win 19-17 and set up the all-decisive Golden Set. There, Mjølnir made a crucial break at 11-10 and went on to win the Golden Set 15-11 and with it their third Faroese championship in succession. 

SCA Represented in cev working groups

Following the in-person meeting of the CEV Board of Administration held at the end of last week in Luxembourg City, the CEV released on Friday the composition of four Working Groups covering the 2020-2024 mandate. Next to the Athletes’ Working Group chaired by former Polish Volleyball star Pawel Zagumny, another three such groups will be dealing with Marketing, Development & Cooperation with the Zonal Associations, and Snow Volleyball in an effort to support the CEV’s leadership to grow the sport at all levels.  

“As with the CEV Commissions, the CEV Working Groups are taking on a challenging and demanding role and we expect them to show the same passion and commitment to bring the best out of our beloved sport and all its stakeholders,” said CEV President Aleksandar Boričić. “We have gathered a wide range of experts for these groups and we are certain that they can carry out this mission in the best possible way.”

The CEV established an Athletes’ Working Group for the very first time back in 2017, with Zagumny now leading it until 2024. This working group includes a number of former and current elite athletes and provides players with a platform where to share their views and contribute to the growth of the sport. The other working groups will focus on key areas identified by the CEV leadership as highly important for the further development of the game. The Development & Cooperation with Zonal Associations Working Group is a newly established one, and it aims at coordinating the many projects in place to grow the game at the grassroots level.

“The CEV leadership always supports open and transparent communication. Therefore, we encourage all National Federations to get involved in the ongoing open discussion and send us their ideas, comments, and suggest potential improvements whenever they deem it necessary. Because after all, you and all of us are CEV!” the CEV President added. “My colleagues from the Board of Administration and I are very hopeful for the new composition of the Working Groups and we are looking forward to their interesting and valuable input. With hard work from all of us, we can expect great things to come for European Volleyball.”

Click here for further information and the detailed composition of each working group.

Scotland’s Ground breaking partnership – Erasmus+ project on good governance

Major breakthrough for good governance and Volleyball

The Austrian Volleyball federation (ÖVV) is to lead the newly EU funded project ‘Governance implementation in Volleyball – Go²Volleyball’.
The men’s Italian Volleyball League (Lega Pallavolo Série A), the Croatian (HOS-CVF) and Scottish (SVA) Volleyball federations as well as Belgium sports law firm Cresta and Polish foundation Institute for Sport Governance (ISG) are partners to this 262 K€ initiative to get under way in January 2021 in Vienna (Austria). Go²VB is one of the 121 selected Erasmus+ applications (out of 1.100) and will run for 2,5 years.

“’Go²Volleyball’ aims at establishing a multi-label good governance certification in Volleyball and detailed compliance status for each national Volleyball governing body (NVGB) across Europe”, ÖVV president Gernot Leitner explains. As such, a currently non-existing, evidence-based, reliable, simple, harmonised and clear information is to be made available to the public for the first time ever.
“’Go²Volleyball’ is also dedicated to a concrete and effective implementation of good governance principles within NVGB”, ÖVV General Secretary Philipp Seel reports. In this respect, transposition of good governance provisions in the regulatory framework of NVGB will be required. Various tools as well as an innovative rewarding method are to facilitate and motivate the fulfilment of the project’s goals.

“Scottish Volleyball are delighted to partake in such a project. In doing this, we are playing our part in securing a strong future for our sport…”, says Miss Margret Ann Fleming MBE, CEO of Scottish Volleyball. She continues, “This is a great opportunity to collaborate with partners across Europe to shape a model of best practice in sports governance”. Scottish Volleyball are eager to start this fantastic project, fostering cross-national cooperation with other Volleyball federations and partners, which is essential for the development of our sport. “Participating in this innovative dialogue amongst different Volleyball stakeholders will future-proof our sport and its community”, Miss Fleming MBE concludes.

“Fans, players, clubs, officials and sports authorities will also be frequently invited to share their thoughts with us since good governance also concerns them and we want to get them on board”, ÖVV Sports Director Gottfried Rath-Zobernig concludes.

For further interest, feel free to contact us at and at

16/12/2020, Edinburgh, Scotland

The European Commission’s support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Cooperation with schools the way to grow Volleyball at the grassroots level

As many as 104 people followed Monday’s CEV School Project webinar run by Peter Morell, a man who has a huge wealth of experience in working with children and promoting Volleyball at school in countries such as Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Morell started the webinar with giving a history of the Faroe Islands and their progress with Volleyball. Peter emphasised this is a true success story, since the participation for children aged 7-12 has exceeded 90%. KidsVolley is a great introduction to the best sport and game for children, as proven by the Faroe Islands through the CEV School Project, where Morell has been able to reach out to all schools of the archipelago.

The success in the Faroe Islands results primarily from the thoughtful preparation and strategy implemented from the start. The most important thing is first to prepare as best as possible. This includes developing a strategy on which schools to create synergy with, and knowing the school system structure.

Morell invited the attendees to ask themselves some questions like, is there a Volleyball club in the area to link with the school? Is there already a good relationship with the school management? What is the school environment? In addition to that, he mentioned several other points to consider when organising school Volleyball for children within a National Federation.

In the Faroe Islands, Morell introduced the students and teachers to Kidsvolley so that after 2-4 sessions, they were familiar enough with the game to later participate in a tournament, thus creating a positive experience for the kids as well as for the teachers/coaches involved.

Peter suggested making a small agreement/contract with the clubs in regards to the mutual growth and benefits included from the project. Conduct good training and supervision of the coaches involved in the school project is very important to give them the proper training so that new kids coming into the clubs will want to stay and continue playing this sport. Moreover, he invited to share any kind of promotional material of the project with the parents of the young club players.

Morell agreed and acknowledged that recruitment of schools is not as easy as it may sound. It takes a lot of follow up and persistence to get the schools involved, especially finding the schools that already incorporate gym time or physical education time for their children/students. Peter urged the attendees to find ways to integrate the teachers as much as possible, and share any resourceful materials with them.

Finally, the most important concept of Kidsvolley is to keep it simple, i.e.:
–    Kids must learn the game from a reduced speed/level of the normal game
–    The court should be smaller and with shorter dimensions for children – you can use a badminton court as an example
–    The game should consist of throwing, catching and rotating – the true “volley” is too difficult to start with

Moreover, Morell emphasised the importance of organising successful school tournaments: this is where all the fun comes together and you truly see the love of the game – and there you could experiment by mixing the groups of kids as well.

The Q&A session included questions about how to adjust the activities with COVID-19, what the best way is to train the teachers/coaches being involved in the project if they are not already familiar with basic Volleyball technique, and many more.  

The third series of webinars run by the CEV Technical and Development Department will end on Thursday with the last session hosted by Olympic and European champion, former Serbian Volleyball star Andrija Geric. Make sure you sign up here if you have not already done so!

CEV webinars to resume later this week in effort to spread good vibes

The third series of webinars associated with the CEV School Project will get underway this coming Thursday, December 10, with a very familiar face taking the ‘virtual floor’, Kristof De Loose of Belgium. We all have known Kristof for quite a while now and he has become some sort of an endless source of inspiration for those wishing to stay active and find ways to train even in times of coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

Kristof, who addressed the audience at last year’s inaugural Coaches Convention in Kranjska Gora, will be discussing this very same topic on Thursday, thus providing coaches, physical education teachers and anyone else interested in joining the session with useful tips on how to stay active while exercising and training possibilities remain limited in many countries across Europe.

At the end of the day, it is important to stay in shape but to look after your mental condition as well, so Kristof will show you how to stay positive despite all challenges and constraints brought along by the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic!

“In times of coronavirus pandemic, we are all stuck at home. There are hardly any Volleyball activities left and that is a big problem. How can we still keep ourselves busy? Do not panic! Volley@Home ensures that we can still play Volleyball at home. There are always individual exercises that everyone can do and use,” Kristof says while looking forward to Thursday’s webinar. “We will make a distinction between activities for U9-U11-U13 and U15-U17-Seniors. I will address four main themes: ball handling, pass, set and spike. In total, there are 16 videos available, each one with a challenge. Stay positive, because better days are on their way!”

Registration is still open here and all those who have signed up will be receiving via email a link to the relevant Zoom call, with the session starting at 14:00 CET.

Make sure you book this slot on your agenda to grow your knowledge, feel positive and be able to relay good vibes to your students, family members or young players when Volleyball activities can finally resume at full speed!

Olympic Champion Kerri Walsh Jennings latest guest on Volleyball Ireland’s Inspiring Players Series

Volleyball Ireland are delighted to announce that the next guest on their Inspiring Players Series is Kerri Walsh Jennings – unarguably the greatest Beach Volleyball player of all time!  

The Californian will be sharing some insights and experiences of her unrivalled career, where she claimed three Olympic gold medals, three consecutive World Championship titles and 112 consecutive victories with former partner Misty May Treanor, which spanned a record 19 different events. Kerri Walsh is also the top earning female Beach Volleyball player of all time with over €2.5m in tournament winnings.

Announcing the event Kerri said, “As a proud American of Irish descent, I am honoured and a bit giddy about this upcoming experience with Volleyball Ireland. One of the biggest gifts of my 30 years of experience has been the wisdom I have earned and certainly the biggest gift of all the heartache and pain I have endured, is that I get to share that insight and those learnings with other athletes who can learn from it as well … in a less painful way.” 

The event will be broadcast live on Volleyball Ireland’s YouTube Channel on Monday, December 7, 8pm with members of the Volleyball Ireland community invited to submit questions to Kerri in advance via (Subject: Kerri Qs). The chat is ideally aimed at players, coaches and parents alike.

Kerri added, “This will be great fun and I am excited for the athletes, coaches, parents and anyone who is a high performing human (or an aspiring one!) to join us. Bring your questions! I’m all yours!!!”

Kerri is currently working towards the re-scheduled Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games with new partner Brooke Sweat, alongside her vocation of motivating and inspiring athletes of tomorrow through her online platform p1440. We highly recommend you check it out. There are only 1,440 minutes in each day, how will you use yours today?