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SCA Edinburgh 2021 – Day 3

The sun was shining on the final day at the Small Countries Association Edinburgh 2021 at Liberton High School. With a busy schedule of quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals, matches began at 9:00am with the remaining two men’s quarterfinal matches. Stewart and McKelvie (SCO) took on a strong Northern Irish pairing, ultimately coming out as victors with a 2-0 win over Stewart and Scott (NIR). The next match saw Fraser and Mexson (SCO) push Ferry and Ferry (MON) to the limit, with the last set reaching 26-24 before Ferry and Ferry managed the 2-0 win.

Moving to the women’s semi-finals, up first was Morrison and Barbour (SCO), winning 2-0 against Gretarsdottir and Vigfusdottir (ISL) in tight sets. Einarsdottir and Jónsdóttir (ISL) also won in 2-0 sets against England’s Keefe and Tucker. The sun stuck around for the men’s semi-finals, with Kostler and Klaffinger (AUT) bringing the heat against McGuigan and Riddle (SCO) in their 2-0 win. Stewart and McKelvie (SCO) were back on court for their semi-final match against the Ferry brothers, just missing out on the win 2-0.

With 4 matches left in the day, it was all hands on deck for the next to bronze medal matches. Keefe/Tucker (ENG) brought all they could against Gretarsdottir/Vigfusdottir (ISL), but the Icelandic team played strong and managed the 2-1 win for 3rd place. In the men’s side it was Scotland v Scotland, with heated words being exchanged between the two teams before McGuigan and Riddle scored the win 2-0.

Finally, the finals! The women’s final was first up, with Scotland’s Morrison and Barbour (SCO) facing a strong Icelandic duo in Einarsdottir and Jonsdottir (ISL). Both teams played incredibly well, with Einarsdottir and Jonsdottir (ISL) taking the well deserved win 2-0. The men’s match saw Austrian wild cards Kostler and Klaffinger (AUT) up against Ferry and Ferry (MON). With other nation’s teams watching the match, Kostler and Klaffinger (AUT) brought the win home in a 2-0 competition.

Scottish Volleyball CEO Margaret Ann Fleming presented each team with their trophies from a distance. We as an association would like to take this moment to thank all teams and their associations for taking part in this zonal event. In addition, a big thank you goes out to all the staff and volunteers for their help in running this event so smoothly.

SCA Edinburgh 2021 – Day 2

Day 2 started with a bang today, with pool play continuing throughout the morning. Neill and Park (NIR) were up first with our 2nd three set match of the competition, just losing out on the win against Fraser/Mexson (SCO). Dropping the net height we moved to some women’s matches, with Beattie and Coutts comfortably winning 2-0 against Ranklin and Baillie (SCO). Einarsdottir and Jónsdóttir’s (ISL) match followed in a similar way, also winning 2-0 against Blair and Harris (SCO). Waldie and Gillies’ match had a brief interruption with a medical timeout, but after athletes were checked out, the game finished with a 2-0 win for Keefe and Tucker (ENG). The women’s pool matches finished with Morrison and Barbour’s 2-0 win over their Northern Irish opponents Scott and Montgomery.

The Ferry brothers started off the men’s matches, with a 2-0 win over Robb and McCaughern (NIR). Wild card Kostler and Klaffinger (AUT) continued their win streak with a 2-0 over Whiteside and Workman (NIR). Another Scotland against Scotland match was up next, with Boyle and Caldwell (SCO) coming out top with a 2-0 win over Scott and McKelvie (SCO). Stewart and Scott (NIR) finished off the men’s pool play, providing an exciting 2-1 win over their Northern Irish counterparts Neill and Park (NIR).

A three set thriller was up next, with Gretarsdottir and Vigfusdottir (ISL) upsetting home team Beattie and Coutts (SCO) with a 2-1 win. Morrison and Barbour (SCO) quickly dispatched Ford and Holmes (NIR) 2-0, with Keefe and Tucker beating Wales’s Ionascu and Skidmore (WAL) 2-0 shortly after. Einarsdottir and Jónsdóttir (ISL) finished off the women’s quarter finals with a 2-0 win over Scotland’s McLean and Fowler (SCO).

The last two matches of the day were the first of the men’s quarter-final matches. Making it three for three, Kostler and Klaffinger (AUT) won 2-0 against Devey and Robins (WAL). Finishing off the day was a classic Scotland versus Scotland, with McGuigan and Riddle ending on a high with a 2-0 win against the McHardy brothers.

Tomorrow sees the completion of the men’s quarter finals, before moving on the semi-finals and eventually the finals! Make sure to watch out for the live streams on Scottish Volleyball’s facebook page.

SCA Edinburgh 2021 – Day 1

Day one of the Small Countries Association Edinburgh 2021 International Beach Competition concluded yesterday, with all 15 matches being played over the course of 11 hours.

Starting with seeds number 1, Beattie and Coutts (SCO) played strongly against Northern Ireland’s Ford and Holmes, winning the match 2-0. Quickly followed by an all Iceland affair, Einarsdottir and Jonsdottir made quick work of their opponents, also winning the match 2-0. A classic Scotland v England match followed, with England’s Keefe and Tucker winning against McLean and Fowler 2-0. Scotland and Wales finished off the women’s morning matches, with Morrison and Barbour (SCO) beating Ionascu and Skidmore (WAL) 2-0.

After a quick net change, the men’s matches started off with Monaco’s brother duo of Ferry and Ferry taking on Wales’ Devey and Robins (WAL). Close points resulted in a 2-0 win for the Monaco pairing. Next up was the only Austrian team in the competition, with Kostler and Klaffinger comfortably beating Scotland’s McGuigan and Riddle. Next on the courts was two of the five Scottish men’s teams entered in the competition. Arguably the loudest match of the day, Stewart and McKelvie (SCO) won 2-0 against another brother duo in McHardy and McHardy (SCO). Finishing off the first men’s session of the day was Stewart and Scott (NIR) against Fraser and Mexson (SCO), with the Northern Irish team finishing the battle 2-0.

Back to the women’s matches and the sun was still shining! In their second match of the day Ford and Holmes (NIR) beat Ranklin and Bailie (SCO) 2-1, while Gretarsdottir and Vigfusdottir (ISL) beat Blair and Harris (SCO) 2-0. Waldie and Gillies (SCO) pushed McLean and Fowler (SCO) to the limit, but the elder Scotland team recovered with a 2-1 win. Ionascu and Skidmore (WAL) ended the women’s matches with a 2-0 over Scott/Montgomery (NIR)

Three matches left and we’re back to the men’s teams. Devey and Robins (WAL) won 2-0 against Northern Ireland’s Robb and McCaughern. An experienced McGuigan and Riddle (SCO) won 2-0 against Whiteside and Workman (NIR) as the day drew to a close. The final match of the day saw another all-Scottish match up, with the McHardy duo bringing home the 2-0 win against Boyle and Caldwell (SCO).

VolleyballPhotos spent the day with us at the event, and you can purchase original, unwatermarked pictures from their website:

Tomorrow sees teams back at 9:00am for another day on the beach. Facebook will again stream all matches live, which you can find on our Facebook page.

SCA Event Preparation and Draw

Preparation for the Small Countries Association Edinburgh 2021 International Beach Volleyball competition was completed today, with staff and volunteers spending the day building and decorating the court.

With all teams, officials and staff having arrived safely in Scotland and teams completing their preliminary enquiries, the draw for the competition was determined this evening. This can be viewed at the following link:

Live streaming of matches will commence at 09:00 tomorrow (4th) and will be shown on the Scottish Volleyball Facebook page, which can be found at the following link:

Good luck to all teams who are competing this weekend!

Edinburgh to host SCA zonal event in early June

Scottish Volleyball is delighted to announce that they will be hosting a CEV SCA Beach Volleyball zonal event in Edinburgh, from June 4-6, 2021. This will be the first ever competition organised at the new inland beach facility in Edinburgh, in collaboration with Liberton High School and Edinburgh Beach Volleyball Club.

This competition is taking place thanks to the huge support of Edinburgh Council who are the events partner for this summer allowing Scottish Volleyball to deliver a calendar full of Beach Volleyball for all!

Additionally, Scottish Volleyball are organising this competition in close collaboration with the CEV and the Small Countries Association (SCA), who continuously support them in the planning, development and successful implementation of their projects.

The tournament in Edinburgh will have no court spectators due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, but live streaming of all matches will be available through the official social media channels of Scottish Volleyball.

2021 Moving the Mass volleyball series

We are delighted to announce 2 online programs with our Volleyball expert in the moving the mass series:

– Be Creative with Exercises

– Smash Volley the Next Generation

We trust that these online programs will be of interest to our members and that your federation can endorse it through its social media channels, website and email distribution. We ask that you distribute the registration link so people can register for these 2 activities and in particular youth coaches, teachers and others that are working with the youth or working in ways in how to attract newcomers and even to learn new ways to train and motivate Volleyball participation from an early age.

The dates for the program are April 24th and April 27th 2021. Please refer to the attachment.

The program is above and the link for participation is below and each participant must register at the below links:

Saturday 24th April – Be Creative with Exercises

Tuesday 27th April – Smashball, the Next Generation

Golden Sets decide dramatic Faroese league finals

In the most dramatic fashion, the women’s team of SÍ Sørvágur and the men of Mjølnir Klaksvík claimed the Faroese national league titles after winning the Golden Set to 15 in their respective two-series finals.

Women’s Final

Thursday, April 1: Dráttur vs SÍ Sørvágur 0-3 (14-25, 18-25, 15-25)
Saturday, April 3: SÍ Sørvágur vs Dráttur 2-3 (25-21, 20-25, 23-25, 25-21, 12-15)
Golden Set: SÍ Sørvágur vs Dráttur 17-15

The women of SÍ had made short shrift of Dráttur in the first leg  on Thursday with a comfortable 3-0 win, but as the set difference does not count – only victory itself does – Dráttur had another opportunity on Saturday and “only “ needed to win the match to force the 2nd leg final into an all-deciding Golden Set to 15 points.

Having lost the opening set after having thrown away a healthy lead, Dráttur came back strong and won the second and third ones, but SÍ were on top again in the fourth to set up the tiebreaker where a win would secure them the title. However, Dráttur fought hard and from 7-all opened up a three-point gap which they managed to preserve to win the tiebreaker 15-12 to send the final into a winner-takes-all Golden Set to 15.

The Golden Set was going SÍ’s way as they took a 9-4 lead, but Dráttur levelled at 13-13 and went on to get a championship point at 15-14, but SÍ (pictured above) survived the scare and won the next three points to claim a 17-15 set victory – and most of all, the Faroese league title.

The players and coaching staff of Mjølnir celebrate their third straight Faroese national league title

Men’s Final

Thursday, April 1: ÍF Fuglafjørður vs Mjølnir 1-3 (14-25, 22-25, 26-24, 21-25)
Saturday, April 3: Mjølnir vs ÍF Fuglafjørður 2-3 (25-21, 14-25, 23-25, 25-19, 17-19)
Golden Set: Mjølnir vs ÍF Fuglafjørður 15-11

The men’s final was just as dramatic. As ÍF Fuglafjørður had lost the first leg against Mjølnir Klaksvík 1-3, their only path to the title was by winning the second match and the eventual Golden Set. That dream seem to have faded as ÍF faced a match point at 14-15 in the tiebreaker and again at 15-16, but ÍF dug deep and turned it around to win 19-17 and set up the all-decisive Golden Set. There, Mjølnir made a crucial break at 11-10 and went on to win the Golden Set 15-11 and with it their third Faroese championship in succession. 

SCA Federations join CEV for beach administrators meeting

Despite the constraints still resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, the European Beach Volleyball community is very much looking forward to the upcoming season, as shown by the webinar hosted on Tuesday afternoon by the CEV Beach Volleyball Department. More than 40 Beach Volleyball administrators representing as many as 32 National Federations joined the Zoom session, thus spreading a positive feeling among all those working daily for the good of the sport.

After a rather short and yet successful 2020 season, the months ahead may look challenging at first glance, but both up-and-coming and more established players can already look forward to an impressive number of confirmed events, with major highlights such as the Olympic-qualifying Continental Cup Final and EuroBeachVolley in The Hague and Vienna, respectively.

The staff of the CEV Beach Volleyball Department briefed their colleagues from across Europe about the latest updates and changes to the CEV Regulatory Framework as well as the main requirements for the delivery of successful CEV and FIVB-sanctioned events, including national and zonal tours.

Even though the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe, the CEV’s priority remains to provide opportunities for athletes to compete in an environment that is safe for everyone involved. To this extent, the CEV continues to update its Hygiene Guidelines and Beach Volleyball specifications for the safe delivery of events in pandemic times, learning from the experiences of 2020 as well as taking into consideration the evolution of the global health crisis and the measures adopted by national and international authorities to curb the spread of the virus.

While promoting collaboration and a continuous communication with all stakeholders, the CEV will work hard to deliver Beach Volleyball competitions even in 2021, thus providing the stars of today as well as those of tomorrow with the right stage where to perform, hone their skills and inspire others to follow their example.

At the same time, using its online campus in a more and more digitalised world, the CEV will support the work of National Federations and the growth of the game through educational activities such as comprehensive courses as well as workshops and masterclasses specifically designed for Beach Volleyball coaches and clubs.

What matters the most is that the Beach Volleyball community is very much alive and ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead. We can all look forward to an exciting campaign, which is due to get underway in early May with the second stage of the CEV Continental Cup and the three events coming up in Baden (Austria), Madrid (Spain) and Izmir (Turkey). This will certainly set the tone for another hot and highly entertaining Beach Volleyball season! 

SCA Federations involved in CEV think tank

The CEV Board of Administration decided in late 2020 to establish a series of ‘think tanks’ in order to involve all relevant stakeholders in devising plans to innovate and further grow the sport at all levels. This move is testament to the CEV leadership’s vision and wish to foster a continuous communication with all partners while urging to think out of the box in order to find new ways that can raise the status of the Volleyball game in the sports business.  

A series of virtual meetings involving invitees to the Beach Volleyball think tank took place on Friday. The attendees discussed a number of strategic items such as the identification of a sustainable business model to deliver Beach Volleyball competitions in Europe and the future event structure, the involvement of National Federations and clubs in activities to grow the game and the use of Beach Volleyball facilities towards the achievement of such goals.

The think tank involved representatives of National Federations, event organisers / promoters, clubs, and other key stakeholders – each one with their own interesting perspective on things, but all equally motivated to contribute to the further growth of Beach Volleyball in Europe.

The outcome of their work and discussions will provide valuable food for thought to the CEV Board of Administration when devising plans to raise the profile of Beach Volleyball and inspire the next generation of elite players. 

Scotland to host European qualifier for next year’s Commonwealth Games

Scottish Volleyball is delighted to announce that after a successful bidding process, the organisation will deliver the double gender qualifier for the Beach Volleyball competition of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

The event – held in Edinburgh in partnership with Edinburgh City Council at the end of September 2021 – will feature teams from across the European members of the Commonwealth competing for the coveted automatic qualification place at next year’s Birmingham Commonwealth Games.

With the continued uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic, planning is and remains changeable; however, Scottish Volleyball hope they will be able to host some spectators. Meanwhile, Scottish Volleyball are already examining innovative ways to share live broadcasts of the event and increase the exposure for all involved.

The application to host the event was part of Scottish Volleyball’s wider beach performance strategy – which currently involves the recruitment of a Head Performance coach launched earlier this week (click here for further info). Scottish Volleyball hope that by organising the qualification tournament they will provide Scottish players the best possible opportunity to make it to the Games, while offering Beach Volleyball to the wider public and shine the light on Edinburgh as a host city.

“This is a fantastic opportunity not only for our players to qualify, but for our sport to showcase some fantastic international competition. I am excited to be involved in the delivery of this event and I hope it gives everyone another positive to look forward to as we ease out of the current restrictions,” says Scottish Volleyball Competitions Officer Veronica Rusich.

Scottish Volleyball CEO Margaret Ann Fleming MBE is equally thrilled with this successful bid. “I am delighted that the Commonwealth Games Federation selected our bid to host this European qualification tournament and would like to thank FIVB, CEV, Team Scotland, all the Scottish Volleyball staff and volunteers for their continued hard work and commitment to developing our sport and provide the very best opportunities for our players. There is an enormous amount of work delivered around our beach performance programmes and our return to community sport. #PowerOfSport is key to our return to normal and we are determined to make sure that Volleyball will be at the heart of this.”