2019 SCA Competitions

As per, 2018 Small Countries Association (SCA) General Assembly decision, the registration deadline for the Senior Men and the Senior Women is January 15th 2019. The decision was in favour of proposal 1.

National Federations that seek to organize a competition in 2019 are required to declare their interest to organize by January 15th 2019.

We draw your attention to the following; in case there are more than five teams registered then we are required to organize a pre-qualification pools in line with a proposal introduced in the General Assembly in Cancun Mexico last November. In case there are only up to, five teams registered there will only be a final round including organizer.

As we are not in a position to decide the final format, yet we foresee that pre-qualification rounds are taking place in April and final rounds in May, pending number of registrations and final changes notified in January.

For the season 2019/2020, the per diem is set at 55 Euro per person, per day for Volleyball competitions.

Organizers of competitions are also subject to a financial support like decided for in the previous editions of our competitions. Financial support to organizers is subject to numbers of teams registered and participating as per proposal 1.

In the 2019 editions, we have decided that each participating federation will bring with them their own referee, international or their highest-level national referee registered by the federation. Furthermore, organizers are not required to pay for the travel of neutral international referees.

A team can be composed of minimum 10 players and 2 officials. Each participating federation may however, decide to follow the standard protocol for National Federations participating in CEV Competitions.

The key aim for next year’s competitions is to endorse participation and provide for incentive to participate. National Federations that would like to organize must declare such interest in writing to the SCA Executive Committee latest by January 15th 2019.

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