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CEV President addresses open letter to Volleyball fans

After chairing a meeting of the CEV Board of Administration late last week resulting in the approval of a ‘Marshall Plan’ for European Volleyball worth € 11.5 million, CEV President Aleksandar Boričić has taken the time to pen an open letter to all Volleyball fans. It encourages fans to stick together – just like members of the same Volleyball team – and to look after each other, while inviting them to come forward and share with the CEV their ideas and suggestions, as the Volleyball family works hard to overcome the coronavirus crisis and to support all stakeholders in the best possible way.

This is the full text of the letter:   

Dear Volleyball Fans,

I very much hope that this message finds you and your loved ones in good health and high spirits.

We are going through an unprecedented crisis since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, which has brought competitive sport, among other things, to a complete standstill across the globe.

I acknowledge that we at the CEV share your very same feelings; we miss, as much as you do, competitive Volleyball, and I know that many of you cannot wait to join your friends and keep the ball flying again.

But for the time being we have to be patient and make the best use of what we have learned from our beloved sport: the sense of sticking together, working as team, while showing solidarity and compassion for one another. Therefore, I trust that you are using this time to look after your family and friends, supporting each other through these challenging times – as one team.

With much regret, we had to take tough decisions and to cancel various competitions due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, among others the much-anticipated Champions League Volley Super Finals in Berlin. Believe me, it has been a very difficult call for us, but the well-being and safety of players, coaches and all of you remain our priority.

Meanwhile, I can assure you that the CEV is working tirelessly together with all our stakeholders to manage the effects of the crisis, but also to make sure that we are ready to re-start the engine of our activities once conditions allow and it is safe for everyone to do so.

I hope that you have been enjoying the work we have done through social media in order to engage with you and to help you pass the time you are spending at home with some Volleyball and quite a bit of fun.

The CEV remains open for any comments, suggestion and proposal you may have, the CEV would be happy to receive your feedback.

As I share everyone’s hope that life comes back to normal as soon as possible, I would like to reassure you that there is no virus or adversity that can extinguish the fire of passion that makes our hearts beat for Volleyball!

Stay safe and healthy until we can meet again!

With my best personal regards,

Aleksandar Boričić
CEV President

CEV President visits SCA tournament, meets with Luxembourg Volleyball family

On Friday, CEV President Aleksandar Boričić paid a visit to d’Coque, the iconic National Sports and Culture Centre in Luxembourg City, and more specifically to the women’s Small Countries Association (SCA) Championship that started earlier today and will run there until Sunday.

The CEV President enjoyed some time with the leadership of the Luxembourg Volleyball Federation (FLVB), now chaired by Ms Norma Kemp-Zambon, discussing opportunities for further cooperation with the Grand Duchy’s Volleyball family. The FLVB are currently playing host to the first official SCA competition this year, with participation of the national teams of Faroe Islands, Greenland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

It was the first such meeting with FLVB President Kemp-Zambon, as the CEV and FLVB wish to continue their partnership, which has been especially close since the CEV moved to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg back in the late 80s. The CEV President wished everyone involved in the SCA championship the best of luck as well as a smooth delivery of the event, which adds to the list of international tournaments and competitions successfully hosted by the FLVB in recent years.

the CEV President portrayed together with FLVB President Norma Kemp-Zambon (far right), international referee and President of the FLVB Refereeing Commission Carole Hepp (far left) and the President of the FLVB Finance Commission, Ms Françoise Rossi-Wetzel.

ExCom Meeting Copenhagen February 2019


The executive committee of the Small Countries Association met in Copenhagen and offer their thanks to the Danish Federation for their kind offer to organize a suitable meeting place and venue.

The main items for discussion, development and planning centered around;

– SCA 2019 senior men and women’s championships

– SCA  2019 beach tour and finals

– SCA GA – SCA ExCom elections

– SCA 2020 junior competitions

– SCA 2020 beach development camp

– SCA Snow Volley

– SCA development projects

Further to these main headlines the ExCom explored in depth financial budgets and projected support for organizing federations in 2020.

President Fleming said “The opportunity to meet and really move forward issues with all of my fellow ExCom members has been so rewarding. As a group it is important we work hard to ensure the SCA continues to develop and deliver more volleyball at a regional level. It was refreshing to discuss new opportunities especially in beach and snow volleyball.”

The SCA ExCom wish express their sincere condolences to their friend and colleague Niclas Joensen who unfortunately was unable to join them for this meeting due to a family bereavement.

SCA General Assembly at FIVB Congress

002101_014.CEV-XXXIXAssembly SCD GA Group 2018 delegates

President Margaret Ann Fleming chaired the 2018 General Assembly of the CEV Small Countries Division in Cancun Mexico. This coincided with the historic FIVB World Congress and a first time when all the continental confederations and zones held meetings at the same time and venue as the World Body.

Despite the distance away from home 13 of our 15 Federations were represented (in person or by proxy) many with 2 delegates. The meeting was shorter than usual due to the tight timetable of the Cancun World event but nevertheless valuable discussion was had and notable changes were recognised.

The status of the SCD as a Zonal Association was confirmed by CEV and its change of title to Small Countries Association was noted and further information is to be circulated. Technical and Development Director Helgi Thorsteinsson will circulate new rules and regulations and organisers’ information in the New Year having asked for more information from delegates to be sent to him. The President stressed this was a critical aspect for the Small Countries within CEV.

220917_010.CEV-XXXIXAssembly SCD MAF ChairsTreasurer Niclas Joensen was congratulated on his work and maintaining good control over a healthy budget. Ms Fleming advised the meeting on further CEV developments, the Projects from SCA under consideration for financial support by CEV and the position of Beach Volleyball in the Small Countries scheme.

Noting that Paris is the provisional venue for the 2019 CEV Assembly, the President noted that Vaduz in Liechtenstein could be a possible venue for a longer Small Countries Association development seminar prior to that, and Ms Fleming urged delegates to think ahead and prepare nominations for elections.

Case studies, future major events inspire Europe’s Volleyball family

The XXXVII CEV General Assembly continued on Saturday cev_20161112-120836afternoon with a number of plans and programmes being introduced to representatives of 53 National Federations in attendance as Europe’s Volleyball family moves fast forward to entering a totally new era, growing participation and raising the market value of the CEV events. CEV President Aleksandar Boričić said by closing a truly historic edition of the CEV General Assembly: “This year’s Congress was a lot different from the past ones, and I am especially happy that it has shown that every member has the same value within our family. We are a real Volleyball team, full of energy and motivation!” 

A live gallery of the XXXVII CEV General Assembly is available here.

Volley 2018 is one of many innovative actions and programmes that were shared on Saturday with the delegates in attendance at the XXXVII CEV General Assembly. The Netherlands will be organising as many as three international events at the same time in the summer of 2018 – the CEV Beach Volleyball European Championship, the Final Round of the U20 Men Volleyball European Championship and the Sitting Volleyball World Champs, thus integrating the three Olympic disciplines of Volleyball and combining promotion, lots of side events and social responsibility. Volley 2018 will involve a number of cities across the country before the three events come together in The Hague for their respective ‘grand finale’.

The Faroese Volleyball Federation inspired the audience by sharing their experience with young kids as well after the highly successful Small Countries Division tournament they hosted earlier this summer which enjoyed nationwide live TV coverage. Starting from these achievements, the local Volleyball family has developed ‘Flogbørn’, a game for kids aged six to 12 played 4×4 on a badminton court. The game is being promoted at schools across the 18 islands composing the Faroese archipelago, thus laying the cornerstone for a further grow of Volleyball in the country as the numbers of people involved in the local clubs has kind of exploded lately.

Snow Volleyball will literally reach new heights in 2017 with the second edition of the CEV European Tour including this time stops in Austria, Czech Republic, France (TBC), Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovenia and Switzerland (TBC) after a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the CEV and promoter Chaka2 to grow this young, dynamic and energetic sport which is now likely to attract more players from more countries.

Miroslaw Przedpelski new member of the CEV Board of Administration

After Mr Pawel Papke of Poland stepped down from this position earlier this year, a new member of the CEV Board of Administration was due to be elected on Saturday in Luxembourg City. Mr Miroslaw Przedpelski follows in the footsteps of his countryman joining the CEV Board of Administration for a three-year term up until the next elections scheduled for 2019. 

Actions to grow Volleyball discussed at CEV XXXVII General Assembly

The XXXVII CEV General Assembly continued on Saturday cev_20161112-110730morning with a focus on actions and plans being designed to herald a new era for Volleyball in Europe. A first draft of the CEV Strategy 2020 was shared with all attendees, thus laying the foundations for further discussions on how to best grow Volleyball at all levels and ultimately make it one of the top sports in all of the 56 member National Federations.

A live gallery of the XXXVII CEV General Assembly is available here.

The CEV Strategy 2020 is the outcome of a collective effort involving all National Federations and relevant stakeholders. It outlines the main purposes and mission of the organisation, identifies guiding principles to help make the right decisions when these have to made as well as a number of strategic priorities.

To further lift Volleyball, it is necessary to cultivate a sense of togetherness as well as the core values of collaboration, excellence and visibility with the ultimate goal being to establish it as one of the top 5 sports in each of the member Federations.

The identification of a number of guiding principles should herald a new era for Volleyball in Europe: prioritise exposure over revenue, pursue success in leading markets, make sure support is provided in exchange for commitment and is driven by demands, provide National Federations with accessibility to competitions and programmes while acting fast because the world is changing every day and does so at a very fast pace. The CEV strategic priorities were identified as products, promotion and partnerships. More feedback will now be collected before the CEV Strategy 2020 is finalised in early 2017 and further discussed with the CEV leadership and its eventual implementation begins.

CEV President Aleksandar Boričić also announced the re-establishment of a European Coaches Commission and the introduction of an Athletes’ Working Group to further involve such important stakeholders – athletes and coaches – and benefit from their positive energy, knowledge and experience to raise the profile and popularity of Volleyball to the next level.

Upcoming CEV Congress to herald new era for Volleyball in Europe

The annual CEV General Assembly will be taking place this coming Saturday, November 12 in Luxembourg City, thereby gathering representatives of as many as 53 National Federations – two are set to be represented by proxy – as well as a number of high-profile guests and stakeholders, including FIVB President Dr Ary S. Graça F°. The anticipation of Europe’s Volleyball family is mounting as this year’s General Assembly coincides with the first event of this calibre to be organised under the leadership of CEV President Aleksandar Boričić and the other members of the CEV Board of Administration elected last year in Sofia.

A live gallery of the XXXVII CEV General Assembly will be available here.

The format and programme of the General Assembly have been re-designed in order to reflect the strategic vision of the new CEV Leadership and – at the same time – to provide the attendees with a platform where all members of Europe’s Volleyball family can openly exchange their views and ideas on how to best further grow and promote the sport.

“I look forward to hosting all members of our Volleyball family in Luxembourg for our annual General Assembly which will be taking place in the country which hosts the real ‘home’ of European Volleyball – a place whose doors are always open and where all those working for the good of Volleyball are always welcomed with open arms,” the CEV President said.

“It is the aim of the new CEV Leadership to re-shape and modernise our organisation and to explore new ways to further develop Volleyball, Beach Volleyball and Snow Volleyball in Europe. As a result, we also wished to revamp our annual General Meeting, so that it reflects the changes in policy, governance and vision we have been pursuing since last year’s elections in Sofia,” Mr Boričić continued.

“It is our intention and wish to turn this gathering into the right platform where all members of the Volleyball family can exchange views and ideas, and openly discuss about how we can best promote and grow our sport. Therefore, I encourage all delegates to be ready to actively contribute to the discussions we will have and to share their knowledge, expertise, national programmes so that all other members of our Volleyball family can benefit from their experiences,” the CEV President stressed.

“The new CEV Leadership is pursuing a number of ambitious goals by sticking with key principles and values such as transparency, openness, inclusion. We do want each and every member of our Volleyball family to be and feel a part of this ambitious process we have initiated to herald a new era for our sport and its management and governance across the whole of Europe,” Mr Boričić concluded.

A meeting of the CEV Executive Committee and Board of Administration will be taking place on Thursday, November 10 at the CEV headquarters in Luxembourg City before the Zonal Associations come together on the eve of the Congress for their respective annual plenary meetings.