Scottish Volleyball “Get Together” – Inverclyde Sports Centre 11th/12th March 2023

CEO Margaret Ann Fleming MBE said “it has been too long since Scottish Volleyball met clubs and members both in a performance and a social setting. Saturday was a wonderful day with all matches being played in a fabulous environment with real passion and desire on display from all teams participating. Sunday was full of volleyball learning, discussions and questions. It was my pleasure to lead the Board Q&A members session with a presentation on our new 2023-2027 strategic plan “We are Volleyball” being launched in April 2023.”

The Board Chair, Scott Borthwick, with support from other Board members very much appreciate and thank the clubs and members who took the time to attend and to raise questions during our members meeting. All questions and responses were captured, with the staff meeting this week to discuss and action as quickly as possible the discussions raised.

“As CEO I wish to personally thank everyone who was involved in the planning and delivery of this event. Our wonderful volunteers, players, clubs, administrators, coaches, officials, volleyballphotos, parents, supporters and the Inverclyde sport centre staff” said Margaret Ann.

Saturdays matches and results:

Caledonia West Troon v Stirling: Winner – Caledonia West Troon (3-0)

St Andrews University v City of Edinburgh 2s: Winner – St Andrews University (3-0)

Edinburgh Jets Bears v Edinburgh Jets: Winner – Edinburgh Jets Bears (3-1)

St Andrews University v NUVOC 3: Winner – St Andrews University (3-0)

Su Ragazzi v Edinburgh University: Winner – Su Ragazzi (3-0)

City of Edinburgh 1 v Edinburgh Jets: Winner – City of Edinburgh 1 (3-0)

Volleyball Aberdeen Vortex v South Ayrshire: Winner – Volleyball Aberdeen Vortex (3-0)

City of Edinburgh v City of Glasgow Ragazzi: Winner – City of Glasgow Ragazzi (3-1)

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