Greenlandic clubs take up challenge to involve more people in Volleyball

Mr Peter Morell shares with great excitement the latest news coming in from clubs involved in the CEV School Project ‘Play Volleyball – Grow with it’ in Greenland.

“Since I cannot be physically present for natural reasons, communication with the clubs takes place through Messenger. This works just fine and I can get the necessary information and give feedback on their work,” he says. “What I have focussed on during this last period is trying to motivate the clubs to deliver some promotional events for Volleyball in their settlements. I recommended events that had to be something more than just children’s Volleyball – so that more people could be involved.”

The Greenlandic partners have to deal with very difficult conditions, but also the very small and isolated settlements are some form of additional constraint. However, the clubs have taken up the challenge and especially in KTVI it was a success. The inhabitants of the village were invited, and children, young people and adults all turned up on Sunday, February 19, for a volleyball session in the local hall. It was a fantastic afternoon with good promotion for the volleyball club and everyone had an enjoyable day.

Ilulissat Volleyball I69 has also held an event for the children, with a focus on kids and other youth players. Medals were awarded here to the winning teams.

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