Schools Festivals return in Scotland with a bang!

This past month, Scottish Volleyball hosted their first Schools Festivals in a very long time, with events organised in the East and West regions of the country. Designed for high-school pupils, these were the first such festivals held since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, and it was an amazing feeling having everyone back on the court!

In the East, the organisers had slightly smaller numbers than anticipated, but the event was nonetheless a real success. Regional Development Officer for the East, Veronica Rusich, adapted easily, and took the eager students through some fun drills and exercises, before finishing off the day with some 4v4, and even 8v8 matches!

In the West, Regional Development Officer Blair Pettigrew was in charge, and with 15 teams taking part in the competition, it was sure to be a busy and exciting day! Teams of four played every other team once in the morning, before a well-deserved lunch was in order. In the afternoon, the competition truly began, with teams playing each other again, but this time for points. Competition was fierce, but all involved had an excellent time at the tournament, with more planned for 2023.

Teachers from the CEV Coaches Convention and their pupils were involved in the tournament, and they were very pleased to see the information and knowledge they had learned paying off in their respective teams’ performances.

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