The CEV School Project in Greenland has now reached the capital Nuuk, a town of 17,000 residents with two Volleyball clubs, Polar Volley and GSS Volley. The clubs train and play in the large Inussivik hall built for the Arctic Winter Games held back in 2016.

In the Volleyball clubs in Nuuk, there is no any tradition for youth Volleyball, but the GSS club can see the opportunities, through that age group, partly to increase their membership, but also to ensure that good Volleyball finds its place in Nuuk in the future.

Peter Morell, who has spent the last month working with Kidsvolley in schools and clubs across Greenland, can also see the potential. “It has been a pleasure to be around the schools in Nuuk. Both children and teachers have taken on Kidsvolley very well and it is a pleasure to see how the children have become involved in the game with great energy and enthusiasm. We have brought balls and nets from CEV to the schools and I am sure that Kidsvolley will continue to flourish even once we leave Nuuk,” Morell says.

The big question is always how to transfer the joy of the game in schools to the kids starting for Kidsvolley into a Volleyball club. As far as Nuuk and Greenland are concerned, it is all about finding the right coaches.

“We have held training courses for potential new coaches in Kidsvolley with Peter Morell as instructor,” says GSS chairperson Karl Ole Petrussen. “There is no doubt that Kidsvolley is the future and I am also sure, that we will probably start Kidsvolley up here in the club. The training courses have meant that we are ready to receive the children, but our challenge right now is the training times. They are not very child-friendly and we have to look at whether we can get some hours for training that are better suited for children aged 6 to 12,” he continues.

Overall, the CEV School project has reached many people in such a big country. The project has visited three cities, delivering 27 different classes to pupils attending grades 2 to 5, thus involving some 500 students, 50 teachers as well as 3 clubs. Moreover, 16 coaches have attended a 4-8 hour course in Kidsvolley.

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