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Cyprus Boys lose out to Finland

It was going to happen one day. The winning streak of Georgios Chrysostomou and Pantelis Christidis (pictured) came today to an end, but not without a fight. The home crowd favourites finished the 2015 CEV U20 Beach Volleyball European Championship in 10th place, after losing their second round match against the Finns Santeri Siren and Miro Määttänen in three sets (15-21, 21-15, 15-17). This was one of the best performances by any Cypriot team in the history of Beach Volleyball.

Chrysostomou and Christidis came into this match undefeated, finishing in first place of Pool A. Having lost the first set 21-15, the Cypriot players came back with a vengeance in the second set winning it by the same margin. The deciding set was very close and exciting at the same time. Siren and Määttänen proved in the end too strong for their opponents eventually winning by 17-15.

According to the coach of the Finnish team, Eddy Quiñones, ‘sisu’ which in Finnish means brave heart was the difference between the two teams. The Cuban-born coach added: “The strongest and more experienced team prevailed in the end. Our boys followed my orders to the full. Qualifying into the last eight is another huge success for Finnish Beach Volleyball, after finishing fourth at the Youth Olympic Games last year in Nanjing.”

You can follow the competition also on social media with the official hashtag #EuroBeachVolleyU20

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Huge win for Cyprus boys

Something that in the past looked an impossible dream is now a reality. Georgios Chrysostomou and Pantelis Christidis are making headlines, having gained automatic qualification into the last 16 of the men’s competition, as they won all their matches and thus finished in first place in Pool A. The new stars of Cyprus Beach Volleyball won the last game played on Day 2 of the U20 European Championship in Larnaka against the Greeks Iason Kanellos and Leonidas Sakkas 2-0 (21-19, 21-13), in a match which lasted 39 minutes.

“This is a special night for us. After so many hours of practice, we are finally beginning to get some reward for all our efforts. It was a tough match, as our friends from Greece wanted to win for their own reasons. We must not say big words for the matches to come, but one thing is for certain. We will enjoy our next game as much as we have enjoyed the Pool matches,” said Chrysostomou.

“Words cannot describe how we feel right now. As Georgios said, we tried really hard to finally achieve what we have achieved. Tonight we must celebrate, but from tomorrow morning we have to start preparing for our next match that is not going to be easy, as the other teams will now be extra careful when they are drawn against Cyprus,” said partner Christidis.

You can follow the competition also on social media with the official hashtag #EuroBeachVolleyU20

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Cyprus Host ECH Under 20’s in Larnaca

First impressions are the ones that matter, and despite being early days yet, so far so good for Larnaka, the hosting city of the 2015 CEV U20 Beach Volleyball European Championship.

“Larnaka have set high standards in the past, and from what I have managed to observe, despite my brief stay in Cyprus, everything goes according to plan and we are all expecting a very successful tournament and a great spectacle for the fans,” were some of the words of CEV Technical Supervisor Pier Paolo Murgioni.

He went on to say: “Coming from an island myself I can see what it means for this small country and its people hosting such an important Beach Volleyball event.” The CEV Official from Cagliari, having inspected in the morning the court facilities added: “The organisers still have some minor adjustments to do in the courts, but they have reassured me that all will be in place come Wednesday morning.”

Mr Murgioni had a final message for the home fans: “Larnaka’s track record is one of the best in Europe, so local people know what Beach Volleyball is all about. My message to the fans is a simple one: Come and you will have fun watching the matches, as this will be a big show with great athletes taking part, an experience not to be missed!”

There are still 48 hours before the opening matches, and some teams have already arrived in Cyprus. The Swedish teams, methodical as always, were one of the first contingents to appear in Larnaka, in order to adjust to the weather and court conditions. Jacob Link and Jakob Molin (pictured) had an early practice session on court 1. “Weather is hot but nice, people are friendly and we can’t wait for the matches to begin,” said Link. “We know what to expect in this tournament, as the standard of a lot of the athletes is quite high. However, we are optimistic that we will do well as a pair and as Sweden as a whole,” said Molin.

Cyprus will take part in this event with 12 athletes, six competing in the men’s draw and six in the women’s. Pantelis Christidis and Georgios Chrysostomou, having met their Swedish counterparts, were getting ready for their practice.  “We come to this event well-prepared, and we will try our best to achieve good results for our country,” said Christidis. Chrysostomou, on the other hand, spoke about the difficulties they face when competing with such high-quality opponents. “We know that some of the other athletes have played in the men’s competition in other events, and this makes it even harder for us. Everybody in the Cyprus camp is optimistic, all we ask is for the home fans to come and support us, as this will mean a lot to us.”

You can follow the competition also on social media with the official hashtag #EuroBeachVolleyU20

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Introduction to Beach Coaching Award

At a time when beach volleyball attention is focused on junior development, a new course had to emerge to allow more experienced players and coaches to gain a structure and direction in what to deliver to younger players. The content resulted from a literature review of selected beach volleyball resources, with FIVB e-book being heavily cited, from workshops that have been delivered here in Scotland and from the kind contributions and ideas of experienced coaches like Vaggelis Koutouleas, Colin Paterson and Audrey Cooper.

So with humility and some good weather, Summer 2015 marked the beginning of the pilot programme ‘Introduction to Beach Coaching’. It was delivered in Edinburgh, St Andrews and Aberdeen.

The main goals of the course are:
1.    To improve the knowledge and competence of coaches, teachers and players
2.    To present and discuss the recent trends of the modern beach volleyball game
3.    To establish in as far as possible a unified and integrated content for training beach volleyball in Scotland


This practical course is a ‘bolt on’ to our already established formal coaching education, it compliments but not substitutes the coaching education pathway. It is therefore something ‘extra’ to allow the coaches and players to gain confidence in learning and teaching basic skills for beach volleyball. As one of the candidates described it “This course was practical/active, showing different skills and through participating in them one engages in a better understanding of it”.


The course was well received by 21 candidates in total across three different geographic areas – Edinburgh, St Andrews and Aberdeen.  It was a pleasure to work with such passionate candidates. I thoroughly enjoyed delivering this course and felt closer to this special community of athletes and coaches. I want to thank each and every one of them for their input, their very generous feedback and for their help in making me realise the final format for this new award.

City of Edinburgh Volleyball receive Direct Club Investment from sportscotland

South Queensferry based club City of Edinburgh Volleyball have received an award of £34,000 from the sportscotland direct club investment scheme.  The award is being made to allow the club to employ 6 part time coaches to deliver new weekly training sessions for U16, U13 and U11 boys and girls at Queensferry HS and Kirkliston PS, to run volleyball sessions in all of the Queensferry cluster primary schools and to run volleyball camps in school holidays.  It is hoped that the project will reach everyone in the local community, and that 100 new members will get the opportunity to join City of Edinburgh volleyball over the next 4 years.

Ian Brownlee, Head Coach of the club’s youth volleyball programmes is understandably excited about the award:

“This is excellent news for volleyball and also for young athletes who want to try an Olympic team sport.  The award from sportscotland means that we can invest in good quality coaching by paying experienced UKCC qualified junior coaches to work with the club’s youngest athletes.  At this age group good coaching really makes a difference.  The funding from sportscotland and our partnerships with Active Schools Edinburgh and Scottish Volleyball also means that we can offer new sessions in the Kirkliston and Queensferry communities and we plan to have our coaches providing volleyball in all of the local primary schools.  Our club has a strong pathway through to 1st division men and women and this investment from sportscotland will help us grow and expand our junior section, to bring more young people into volleyball and grow the club membership.”

Heather Darling, Active Schools Co-Coordinator for Queensferry Cluster said:

“I am delighted to be part of this project with City of Edinburgh Volleyball, a club which is an important part of our community. The project will bring volleyball to more children in the cluster and I am confident that it will lead to a growth in youth members, which will mean we will see more of these children being more active more often.”

Lynne Beattie, East Regional Development Officer for Scottish Volleyball and Ioannis Panayiotakis, Coaching Manager for Scottish Volleyball, will be supporting the project by mentoring the part-time coaches, supporting the sessions in the local primary schools and helping the club structure their youth programmes.

Lynne commented:

“This is an exciting time for volleyball in South Queensferry and Kirkliston.  Scottish Volleyball is delighted to be supporting this project by providing coach education courses and supporting the club with the implementation of the project. I am looking forward to see lots of new volleyball players joining the great team sport of volleyball!”

President Calls Members to October Assembly in Sofia

The next CEV Small Countries Division (SCD) General Assembly and Elections for the SCD LogoSCD Mandate period 2015 – 2019 will be held in Sofia (BUL) as follows:

Thursday 15th October 2015 (Afternoon Session)
Venue Kempinski Hotel Marinela Sofia James Bourchier Boulevard 100 1407 Sofia-Bulgaria Phone: + 359 2 969 2222 Website:

President Margaret Ann Fleming said I am pleased to inform you that the next CEV Small Countries Division (SCD) General Assembly and Elections for the SCD Mandate period 2015 – 2019 will be held in Sofia (BUL) on Thursday 15th October 2015 (Afternoon Session) at the Kempinski Hotel Marinela Sofia James Bourchier Boulevard 100 1407 Sofia-Bulgaria Phone: + 359 2 969 2222 Website:

I kindly ask you to mark this date in your diary and take note of the following important information which has been emailed to Members’ Presidents and General Secretaries in the past day:

Topics to be added to the agenda Should there be any topics your Federation would like to see discussed at the General Assembly must be sent in writing, by email, to the SCD President before 17th September 2015, according to the Article 9 of the SCD Statues.

Elections 2015 is an elective year. As such, the delegates from the Small Countries Division will elect in Sofia the President and Members of the SCD Board of Administration for the SCD mandate period 2015 – 2019 according to the SCD Statutes and in accordance with the SCD Terms and Conditions – Article 2.

The Board of Administration will elect from amongst its members the Vice President, the Treasurer, the Technical/Development Officer and the Secretary General. In line with Article 9 of the SCD Statues and Article 2 of the SCD Terms and Conditions, all applications for vacant posts in the SCD organisation shall be sent to the SCD Office before the 17th September 2015 by email or post (email: The SCD will not consider any application sent after this deadline.

For the respective elections, each National Federation, if interested, is therefore kindly requested to

Present only 1 [ONE] candidate per Federation (who must have a basic knowledge of English)  Duly complete and sign the candidature form for the respective Federation

Send the candidature form before 17th September to the SCD Office in Scotland.

The application of a candidate shall imply a commitment on the part of the related National Federation to cover if applicable the transport, board and lodging costs connected with the meetings to be attended by the candidate once elected or appointed, and this for the duration of their term (4 legislative years).

Proxy Federations unable to attend in person at the SCD General Assembly are advised to be represented by proxy with another SCD Federation – Proxy documentation should be duly completed and given to the nominated Federation prior to the start of the SCD General Assembly and with notification also given to the SCD President.

Credential Letter 2015 is an elective year therefore, please also complete the attached SCD credential letter to be submitted to the SCD Office (Scotland) prior to the SCD General Assembly (email is sufficient-

Please note both the proxy nomination and the official Federation credential letter must be with the SCD President before the opening of the SCD General Assembly 2015.

Do remember that women and men are equally welcome to represent their Federation within the SCD under the conditions that they have been proposed by their National Federations.

Further details regarding the SCD General Assembly will be issued in due time!

Beach Volleyball on the Rock

Annual Beach Volleyball Competition & Beach Volleyball Coaching

Rock of Gibraltar Gibraltar
Rock of Gibraltar Gibraltar

with GVA coaches will take place Thurs and Fri 16th and 17th July.

Emma Labrador of GVA says ” We look forward to Thurs and Fridays 16th and 17th July at Eastern Beach between 10am and 12noon for children and young people between the ages of 8 and 14 years of age. (Please drop children off at beginning of Eastern Beach near Latino’s) and Please Please ensure that all taking part bring drinks, sun cream, a hat, towel and bathing suits.”

The GVA Annual Beach Volleyball Tournament will take on the Sat 18th July (juniors) and Sun 19th July (seniors) at Eastern Beach.

Contact Emma or Louise for further info and to book.

SCD Board establishes Beach Volleyball Commission

As the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg played host to the men’s finals, a meeting of the Small Countries Division (SCD) Board of SCD Beach Volleyball CommissionAdministration was also held in Luxembourg City. In addition to the preparation of the next SCD General Assembly, the agenda included budget, development and competition strategies and these topics were worked through over two days.

CEV SCD President Margaret Ann Fleming was extremely satisfied with the results of the weekend: “This wonderful and well organised weekend event in Luxembourg has seen the realisation of a two-year project to create the Small Countries Division Beach Volleyball Commission which was one of the topics on the agenda of our Executive Committee for quite some time. It has been a pleasure and energising for me as SCD President to be surrounded by professional, enthusiastic and skilled Federations. The SCD Board met over two days and finalised documentation and programmes for the up-and-coming SCD General Assembly and for the 2016-2017 season as well.”

With the founding of the Beach Volleyball Commission, the Scot Martyn Johnstone was elected as CEV SCD Beach Volleyball Commission President. The first edition of the SCD Beach Volleyball Championships for ‘senior’ players and for the U20 age group is planned for 2016.

Martyn Johnstone states: “I am delighted to be leading this new venture promoting and developing Beach Volleyball within the 15 SCD Federations. My commission members and I are passionate and energetic with an emphasis to grow the game within a unique setup that is the Small Countries Division.”

As far as development is concerned,  there are training courses planned for the coming season for referees, coaches and about event design in order to reach the ambitious goal that all members will take part in future SCD competitions.