National Tour Homologation

In order to obtain the National Tour homologation by the organizations concerned, this form must be sent via fax and via e-mail (.doc file) from the hosting NF and Promoter to the Volleyball Confederation concerned at least 30 days before the start of the National Tour for its approval. If approved, the Confederation concerned will then forward such a form at least 20 days before the first event of the National Tour, to the FIVB for its consideration. The FIVB, once approved, will send this form duly signed and sealed to all the parties concerned as well as it will post the related information on its website. The organizers commit to abide to the FIVB regulations approved by the World Congress and Board of Administration concerning the Beach Volleyball National Tours.

Download the form here

Minimum 5 legs
Enforced official FIVB Rules of the Game
Minimum 16 teams per gender’s event
Use of FIVB homologated Beach Volleyball equipment
Use of the VIS
World Ranking Points allocated in accordance with the FIVB Ranking points upon submitting the final ranking to the FIVB on the last day of each FIVB recognised event
Prize Money – Recommended

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