Over 60 schools in Northern Ireland put on volleyball map thanks to CEV School Project

The first phase of the CEV School Project in Northern Ireland ‘Coaching the Coaches’ has come to an end, and the second phase, known as ‘Coaching the Children’ has kicked off with training sessions in primary schools across the province. This second phase lasted for three months, from February until April. During this time, teachers have been using their newly acquired coaching skills to help children develop their own skills during their PE classes or afterschool activities.

The teachers have been running drills and exercises to improve the children’s passing, setting, and hitting skills and prepare them for upcoming tournaments in May and June. They made sure that the sessions were fun and engaging. Additionally, they worked on teamwork, communication, and coordination, which are all critical skills for success in Volleyball.

Thanks to the equipment provided by the CEV and the teachers’ education delivered by NI Volleyball, over 60 schools have been put on the volleyball map that had never played the sport before. The upcoming tournaments in May and June will provide children with the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete against other schools from the region. The teachers are working hard to ensure that the children are well-prepared and confident in their abilities. They are also emphasising the importance of sportsmanship, fair play, and respect for opponents, which are essential values in any sport.

As NI Volleyball move to the next phase of the project, ‘Game Time = Fun Time’, they are excited to see the progress that the children will make in their skills and abilities, as well as their enjoyment of the sport. Investing in teachers’ training and providing equipment has proven to be a successful strategy in introducing a new sport to schools. NI Volleyball hope that this project will continue to inspire and motivate children to participate in volleyball activities for many years to come!

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