Some 650 pupils contest school tournaments across Faroe Islands in March alone

These past months, CEV School Project activities have been running in full swing across the Faroe Islands. Many schools have received visits from volleyball clubs, where much work has been done towards the school tournaments in Kidsvolley.

In the month of March alone, as many as five school tournaments have taken place across the archipelago in the North Atlantic. It all started on March 6 at Badminton høllin and KÍ høllin in Klaksvík, with participation of four schools and 151 students from the fourth grade, followed by an event on March 8 at Skúlin við Streymin featuring seven schools and 131 pupils from the fourth grade as well. On March 13, eight schools and 147 pupils came together at Høllin á Hálsi (HH) – with the same arena and Høllin á Argjahamri (AH) hosting five schools and 155 pupils from the fourth grade a day later. Finally, on March 30, 60 pupils from four schools competed at Marghøllin í Vági. This accounts for as many as 644 students from 28 schools involved across all competitions.

These are held in collaboration between the Faroese Volleyball Association, the athletics association and Idrottasamband Føryoa. The classes compete against each other in the two disciplines of volleyball and athletics. The class that has obtained the most points across the two disciplines is the overall winner and participates in the final competition in Torshavn, where the overall national winner will be determined.

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