Introduction of Teenvolley discussed in Greenland to grow the game even further

The work continues in Greenland to further spread the reach of the CEV School Project ‘Play Volleyball – Grow with it’.

From an organisational standpoint, there has been a meeting of the Board of Administration where it has been discussed how to further strengthen the work with children and youth volleyball in Greenland. The problem is to recruit coaches as this presents major challenges. The participation in the CEV Coaches Convention 2022 in Skopje was a great help and motivation for the coaches. Something that could further strengthen participation is the ability to send the next trainers in groups of two, so that they can support each other afterwards. This, combined with an 8-day study visit and course in Denmark could really strengthen the coaching situation in Greenland.

Furthermore, there was talk of introducing Teenvolley. Teen volleyball is a developmental game with lots of ball touches, so that the technique is developed very quickly. There are two levels in Teenvolley, so everyone can participate with two to three players on the court at the same time. The game is played on a badminton court. The basic idea in Teenvolley is to provide a wider offer to all young people with a flexible game and tournament concept that caters to the ambitions and wishes of the individual teen player. The advantage of introducing Teenvolley in Greenland is that there would not be the need to have from six to 10 players to form a team and many more youngsters would be able to play matches.

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