Luxembourg aiming for the gold medal

Luxembourg secured its third win in a row, in the SCA U18 Championships by winning Ireland 3-0, 25-10, 25-15 and 25-15 and the team has now the gold medal in sight. It was a clear difference between the Irish team and the Luxembourg team, Luxembourg has more playing time together and international exposure while the Irish team lacks more international competitions. Despite the results, the Irish team has shown good progress during its matches and the team is likely to advance in the near future.

Northern Ireland challenged San Marino

It was a young team full of young Northern Irish talents that took on San Marino in the first match of the day. The Northern Irish team had a really good performance in the first set but they were outsmarted by San Marino when it drew closer to the end of the first set giving San Marino the lead 25-18. It was like Northern Ireland surprised San Marino with its aggressive and different style of play in the first set. In the second and third sets, San Marino improved its game plan and tactics winning 25-16 and 25-13 and securing victory 3-0. Northern Ireland still has chances of a medal.

San Marino beats Malta in straight 3 sets

It was an exciting match that took place between the home team of Malta and San Marino. The home team was fighting for the chance to pick a medal and San Marino was definitely in the chase of silver or gold depending on tomorrow‘s result from Luxembourg. San Marino girls were well-focused in the first set and never gave any chances, winning 25-14 and 25-18 in the second set. In the third set, the Maltas coach managed to motivate the team‘s performance but the San Marino team kept calm and used its energy and experience over the young Malta team to claim the victory 25-20 in the last set. San Marino has now 2 wins and one loss, while Luxembourg has won all its matches and is likely to claim a full house and a gold medal tomorrow.

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