Day 1 – Andorra and Luxembourg take the lead in their respective pools

The opening matches of the SCA U20 Men’s Championship, in Andorra, demonstrated that Andorra and Luxembourg outperformed their opponents, with 3-0 wins. The opening match in Pool B was between Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, where the previous year’s champions won in three consecutive sets: 25-17, 25-19, and 25-17.  Despite Luxembourg’s strong performance, it was encouraging to see the Liechtenstein team back in European competition, competing against the battle-tested Luxembourg team, which seized the lead in pool B with its first triumph. Liechtenstein will play Northern Ireland tomorrow and needs to win to qualify for second place in the pool which gives it the possibility to play for a medal in the finals, while Luxembourg will also meet Northern Ireland in the afternoon match.

The host team of Andorra triumphed 3-0 over the youthful debuting team of Gibraltar, with scores of 25-8, 25-13, and 25-22. The Gibraltar men’s squad was playing in their first-ever match against males in a European volleyball tournament, and the contest will go down in the history of volleyball in Europe. Despite the high-stress level of Gibraltar’s young team, it was observed that the team improved its play as the match progressed, and the team came close to disturbing the host team in the final set. Andorra now leads pool A, and a win over Ireland is required to clinch first place in the pool. Ireland will face both Gibraltar and Andorra Saturday.

You can watch the livestream via

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