100 kids contest Year 9&10 Schools Volleyball Boys’ Tournament in Malta

As many as 10 boys’ teams from ten different state, church and independent schools met on Thursday, March 16 at the Cottonera Sports Complex for the Schools Volleyball Tournament for Year 9 & 10 students run by the Malta Volleyball Association in conjunction with the CEV School Project ‘Play Volleyball – Grow with it’.

Some 100 boys spent a very eventful morning and were involved in 20 games of one set each up to 25 points. The 10 teams were divided into two groups of five teams each, thus each team playing four games.

Group A was formed by SBC Kirkop Secondary, St Paul’s Missionary College, St Martin’s College, MRC Ex-Lily of the Valley Mosta Secondary and St Edward’s College.

MRC Mosta Zokrija Secondary, St Michael College, STMC St Lucia Secondary, Savio College and STMC Zejtun Secondary formed Group B.

The two teams which placed in the top two places qualified for the Finals which will be held later this month.

In Group A, MRC Ex-Lily of the Valley Mosta Secondary and St Martin’s College placed in the first two places. St Martin’s were in their first ever participation in this tournament. STMC St Lucia Secondary and STMC Zejtun Secondary qualified from the other group.

These four teams will meet again in the Finals on April 27, and will play on a round robin format on best out of three sets. On the same day, the girls’ finals will be played. The finalists from the girls’ tournament will be known after the qualifying round which will be held on April 19.

The number of participating teams in this scholastic year’s events has shown a considerable increase over the past years in this age group, in both boys’ and girls’ tournaments, thus requiring a number of days to be able to play all the scheduled games. Most of the schools participated in more than one age group with both boys’ and girls’ teams.

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