CEV School Project reaches 90% of fourth graders in Faroe Islands

February has been a very intense month for the CEV School Project ‘Play Volleyball – Grow with it’ in the Faroe Islands. Project Manager Peter Morell and wife Anne spent the whole month in the archipelago, visiting many schools and clubs.

By the end of February, the organisers had completed visits to 90% of the fourth-grade classes across the Faroe Islands. The schools/classes have been visited one or two times and have been presented with the Kidsvolley concept, with a focus on Kidsvolley level 1. The school visits have been a good preparation for the four to six school tournaments that will be held in the coming months, ending with the final event in the Faroese capital city, Torshavn.

The school visits are primarily carried out by coaches from the local clubs so that there is a link between the club and the school. The coordination of the work in relation to the CEV School Project is now primarily in local hands with Rogvi Nielsen. As for the next school year, the plan is that Faroese people will be able to run the project regardless of Mr Morell’s presence.

In February alone, the CEV School Project roadshow stopped in as many as 10 schools, thus involving more than 200 fourth graders. Next to this, Mr and Mrs Morell visited nine clubs that are involved in the project (TB, Fleyr, B71, KIF, IF, Ternan, Drattur, SI, and Mjølnir). The task has been, through training and supervision of the coaches, to help the clubs in their work with Kidsvolley and to ensure a good transition from school volleyball to club volleyball. Another focal point has been meetings with the boards of these clubs to help with the strategic work in relation to developing youth Volleyball.

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