Overwhelmingly positive feedback received following first series of School Project activities run in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Volleyball Federation (FLVB) has completed with much success the activities scheduled for November and December in conjunction with the CEV School Project ‘Play Volleyball – Grow with it’. The FLVB did also run a meeting with the coaches to receive feedback from the schools involved this far and to make some small adjustments to the project delivery.

After this review, the FLVB has decided to limit the practices to a maximum of one hour because the coaches have noticed that the kids start losing their motivation after a longer practice. Therefore, the FLVB will also focus for the moment on the older children starting at the age of 10-11 years old to have an even better outcome at the end.

A feedback session with the PE teachers involved is planned and the scheduling of additional activities is in progress and due to continue in January. However, the first small discussions have showed that the schools are extremely happy with the running of the project.

The idea to provide the kids with diplomas after a successful run through the practices has been put into place and was well received by the kids from the first school. After the practices, the kids will also get an information sheet on the clubs based in Luxembourg in case they are interested in joining one such club from their area.

The “Lëtz Volley Academy” continues with much success as well, especially regarding the motivation shown by the young participants. Some 22 kids in Level 1 had the opportunity to work on the basics of the game with the national team coaches and with four youth coaches from local clubs. Moreover, 40 kids from Level 2 kept working on the techniques they started to familiarise with in Level 1 after successfully passing the Level 1 test. The next session of the “Lëtz Volley Academy” is planned for March 2023.

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