Faroe Islands introduce Ramasjang Volley to involve youngsters at an early age

In order to constantly innovate and see the possibility of further development, the Faroe Islands are addressing a completely new target group of potential Volleyball players. It concerns the concept of Ramasjang Volley, which is Volleyball for the youngest children aged three to six years old. Ramasjang Volley already seems to be the kind of success that the Faroese Volleyball Association (FBF) had hoped for with lots of children, parents and grandparents coming together for Ramasjang training sessions.

“Ramasjang Volley is a new concept aimed at three to six-year-old children and their families. We call it Ramasjang because we completely turn up the game and the energy level to create fun and fantastic experiences with movement and ball. The physical activity develops the children’s motor skills and learning ability. When it comes to Ramasjang training, you work with balance, rhythm, balls, and movement. In Ramasjang Volley, we always work with activities adapted to the children’s level and age,” Project Manager Peter Morell explains.

How big Ramasjang Volley is in the Faroe Islands is illustrated very well in the three inspirational trainings run by the Volleyball clubs ÍF, Mjølnir and Ternan in September-October joined by more than 100 children and parents.

Randi Larsen from ÍF is one of the initiators of Ramasjang Volley in the club and she said,

“My whole family and I have always been involved in Volleyball. I have now become a grandmother and with the Ramasjang Volley concept I can now help my three-year-old grandson get an early start with Volleyball and feel already at an early age the same joy in playing Volleyball that I have always experienced.”

“For the club, it also means that we get some children in early who identify as Volleyball players and hopefully continue with Kidsvolley when they turn six and move on into the youth ranks. At the club, we see Ramasjang as an important part of our recruitment strategy for our children’s and youth teams, but a very big side benefit is also that we meet with a lot of parents and thus potentially with important resources for the club’s work too,” she continued.

Now Ramasjang Volley is a new concept in the Faroe Islands and has gotten off to a fantastic start. It will be very exciting to follow how it develops and whether the positive trends can be maintained in the coming years.

Next to introducing Ramasjang, the Faroese Volleyball Association delivered in October as many as 17 sessions across six schools, thereby involving some 125 students from grades 2 up to 6, as well as an 8-hour course for youth players’ parents or players wishing to work as coaches or assistant coaches for a Kidsvolley or youth team. The course focussed on the introduction to volleyball techniques, tactics, the coaching role, training preparation, how to share instructions, and drafting exercises. Moreover, clubs across the islands ran throughout the month of October as many as 11 lessons involving 111 young players aged 8-14.

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