Teachers introduced to variety of Volleyball forms as Luxembourg steps up efforts to grow the game

The course ran from October 13 to 15, thereby introducing the 14 participants from the local school system to many exercises and different declinations of the volleyball game, which allow every child to have their right share fun with the sport.

On the first afternoon, a theoretical session took place so that the participants could familiarise themselves with the different basic techniques. Furthermore, different warm-up games and game forms were introduced and explained (1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, and 4vs4). To have a better understanding of and make the most of the individual abilities shown by students in their PE classes, the attendants could see that through different levels, which go from catching and throwing to playing ‘real’ Volleyball, each individual child has the chance to play this – at least at times – complex game.

The three hours of theory were followed by a practical session. After an extensive warm-up session, the participants were able to try out the individual techniques and to test the different forms of the game by themselves. King of the Court, Around the Clock, Hotseat, Spikeball, Smashball and the Swiss model of KidsVolley were all tested and performed. The participants showed much interest and were able to participate in the different versions of the game despite their rather diverse and heterogeneous skills. The motivation was high and so several teachers could be won to work for and support the CEV School Project. The delivery of another such training is planned for the first quarter of 2023.

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