School Volleyball ‘roadshow’ engages hundreds of kids in Iceland

After the launch of the project last September, October has been an extremely busy month for School Volleyball (aka Skólablak) in Iceland as some of the most important and biggest Skólablak events have taken place throughout the past few weeks.

The first two, organised in Reykjavík, involved more than 400 boys and girls from seven schools. Gardabaer, also in the capital area, had great success with participation of more than 600 athletes from another eight schools. This represents an increase of more than 300 children and three new schools in the first week alone.

After that, the representatives of the Icelandic Volleyball Association (BLI) headed east, where an event took place for the first time in the town of Höfn, a relatively isolated part of the country, with a population of less than 3,000, where 50 children from the local school participated for the first time in a Skólablak activity.

That same week, due to weather conditions, the BLI were forced to postpone an event in the eastern zone, which will take place in the coming months instead. However, they successfully carried out the last event in the capital area, in Kópavogur, where around 450 children from five different schools enjoyed a new tournament.

During the last week of the month, the BLI delegation travelled to the north of the country. Unlike the previous edition of Skólablak, this year the organisers have decided to divide a single event into three different ones, to cover a larger area, starting in the small town of Húsavík, with a population of 2,300, where an event took place with participation of 30 boys and girls. Next, in the ‘capital’ of the north, Akureyri, there was a tournament for 325 young athletes from four schools. Finally, the last stop of this ‘roadshow’ was in Siglufjördur, where 65 kids from fourth to sixth grade from this small town and neighbouring Ólafsfjördur competed in the last tournament of the month.

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