CEV, Scottish Volleyball and Volleyball Ireland join forces for the good of the sport

On Wednesday, August 10, CEV President Aleksandar Boričić and CEV Senior Vice-President Renato Arena had a productive meeting with the Irish and the Scottish Volleyball Federations, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This meeting between CEV and the two Federations included discussions in relation to the potential hosting/organisation of the Women’s U20 European Championship in 2024 and the planning and delivery of development projects and opportunities to significantly improve and grow the sport in both countries.

Further to this, all three discussed how CEV could support young female national team players from Scotland and Ireland by teaming up with more established European Federations, specifically in coach and athlete development.

The meeting was exceptionally positive with the exploration of solutions within marketing, media, organisational planning and potential new areas of financial support from their respective Governments/sporting agencies. Both the CEV President and the CEV Senior Vice-President offered their full support to Ireland and Scotland in the leading and championing of political discussion within their countries and both Federations were energised by their commitment.

In a joint statement from the Irish and Scottish Federations, both organisations expressed the following: “Our meeting today with our CEV President and Senior Vice-President here in Scotland was enlightening, focused and knowledgeable. It was our pleasure to receive the support offered by CEV right from the very top of our leadership. Both Federations wish to offer our sincere thanks to Mr Boričić and Mr Arena, for their time given, their understanding and their passion for the sport of Volleyball, which we all love and are so totally committed too.”

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