Volleyball Ireland aiming for sustainability

Volleyball Ireland has announced a new collaboration with Impact 3 Zero, a dedicated sports and sustainability ‘impact agency’ aimed at helping Volleyball Ireland build a comprehensive sustainability strategy and shape the healthiest future for itself, community and environment.

“Our new engagement with Impact 3 Zero makes complete sense,” says Gary Stewart, CEO at Volleyball Ireland. “As one of our key formats, Beach Volleyball is at a literal threat from climate change, we want to do all we can to protect our natural environment for the sport. However, sustainability is about more than just environmental considerations. This project will also focus on educational, equality and diversity issues which are close to our heart.”

“Volleyball has always led the way in this area with the FIVB’s Good Net Project and the CEV’s Green Way and Green Hub programmes. We want to ensure that in Ireland, Volleyball will be driving change for the wider good.”

Gary Stewart
Volleyball Ireland CEO

A sport for future generations

“We are thrilled to be supporting Volleyball Ireland,” says Patrick Haslett, Managing Partner at Impact 3 Zero. “We are looking forward to helping Ireland’s ‘National Governing Body of the Year’ make Volleyball a sport that future generations of Irish children can enjoy.”

Impact 3 Zero will support Volleyball Ireland around the following:

  • Education of Volleyball Ireland’s leadership team and key stakeholders around the meaning of social, economic and environmental sustainability in sport
  • Evaluation of the sport, current activities and opportunities for action
  • Creation of Volleyball Ireland’s sustainability strategy to net zero, themes and messaging.

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