Big week ahead

SCA countries are looking forward to a major breakthrough, after a long stop of competitions for their senior volleyball teams. The First 2 events for senior women and men are to take place next weekend in Iceland and in the Faroe Islands.

Icelandic Volleyball Association (BLI) will organise and run the first women’s tournament from May 12th to May 16th 2022 and during the same weekend, the Faroe Islands(FBF) will run the men’s SCA tournament.  

Iceland will greet the teams of Scotland, Faroe Islands and Ireland while the Faroe Islands will get visits from Scotland, Iceland and Northern Ireland. It is a time for a great challenge among the friendly nations of the North.

Malta Volleyball Association (MVA) will then host another women’s tournament during the last weekend of May with visiting teams from San Marino and Northern Ireland. The first senior tournaments for almost 3 years and expected to have a great impact on the future development of Volleyball within SCA.

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