Volleyball Ireland welcomes Ukrainian refugees

Volleyball Ireland has established a number of measures to welcome Ukrainian refugees into the Volleyball Ireland family and support their integration into local communities.

These measures include:

  • The indefinite waiving of player, coach and referee license fees for Ukrainian refugees to participate and officiate in the sport, including both Volleyball and Beach Volleyball competition.
  • Ukrainian refugees will be exempt from the National League registration deadline of March 17 and can register and play in league games after this point.
  • Volleyball Ireland will cover the cost of associated club registration and participation fees for Ukrainian refugees.
  • Volleyball Ireland will provide any required training wear and other Volleyball equipment to support Ukrainian refugees participate in Volleyball club programmes.

Volleyball Ireland General Manager Gary Stewart said, “We pride ourselves on our cultural diversity, inclusion and sense of community within Irish Volleyball, and I know our clubs will be a welcoming, supportive and kind environment during such a traumatic time. Volleyball is a popular sport in Ukraine and we want to play a small role to welcome and help our new friends integrate into the community and widen their support network. If these small measures can help just one refugee, it is the least we can do. I cannot begin to understand the trauma and difficulty brought upon families and individuals and on behalf of Volleyball Ireland we want to say you are welcome here and our community will do its best to help you.”

A list of Volleyball Ireland clubs can be found at www.volleyballireland.com/find-a-club  

Individuals can reach out to Volleyball Ireland at info@volleyballireland.com or through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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