Paddy Murphy appointed a BVF Honorary Vice President

The Board of Administration of the British Volleyball Federation (BVF) recently appointed Mr Paddy Murphy as their Honorary Vice President in recognition of his considerable roles within the BVF over many years of involvement.

Mr Paddy Murphy portrayed together with BVF President Richard Callicott OBE

“Your loyalty to the cause and the expertise and energy that you brought to the BVF has not been forgotten and we hope that this measure of our gratitude is one way of repaying you and of recognising your immense contribution,” wrote BVF President Richard Callicott OBE in a personal address to Mr Murphy.

“I am genuinely surprised and humbled by this honour. Many thanks to all of you who have bestowed this on me,” Mr Murphy commented. “I feel sure that brighter things will come and begin in this New Year and bring an energising force to our beloved sport and I trust I will be well enough to continue to assist.”

A former international referee, Mr Murphy has been involved in running Volleyball activities in his native Northern Ireland and the UK for almost 50 years.

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