School Project in full swing in Greenland despite pandemic-related restrictions

The CEV School Project has reached as far north as you possibly can – namely Greenland or Kalaallit Nunaat, the world’s largest island, which has a population of some 56,000 inhabitants. A country so big that you have to fly from city to city, with three quarters of the actual area covered with ice – and where temperatures currently dip as low as to -22°C. Despite that, Volleyball thrives even in such a challenging environment.

Peter Morell, who spent the last six weeks working with Kidsvolley in schools and clubs across the island, can see many challenges but a great potential as well.

“It has been a pleasure once again to visit the schools along the west coast of Greenland. Both children and teachers have taken on Kidsvolley very well and it is a pleasure to see how they are playing the game with great energy and enthusiasm. I can see that the work we did in 2019 did actually continue in schools and clubs. It is very satisfying. We have again brought balls and nets from CEV to the schools and I am sure that the kids will continue to play the game.”

Peter Morell
Kidsvolley instructor

The activities initially planned for 2020 did eventually take place in 2021 after the outbreak of the pandemic and the resulting restrictions.

The President of Volleyball Greenland, Aalipaaraq Kreutzmann acknowledges the difficulties that the local Volleyball family has had to deal with in these challenging times.

“In the board, we have had many discussions about how we could properly implement the CEV School Project here in 2021. Peter Morell was due to deliver courses and school visits in the three largest cities – Nuuk, Sisimiut and Ilulissat and, as an extra effort this year, Qasiagiannguit. The latter is an addition to the group compared to 2019. Continuing to develop Volleyball for children and Volleyball in general is very important to us, but we have to do so in a responsible manner.”

Aalipaaraq Kreutzmann
President of Volleyball Greenland

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