Partners hail output and legacy of historic CEV School Project

The partners of the CEV School Project ‘Play Volleyball – Grow with it’ co-funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ programme reconvened on Friday morning – though only virtually, due to travel restrictions imposed by the resurgence of the pandemic – to review the timeline and achievements of the project.

The meeting, originally due to take place in Skopje, started with CEV Head of Development and Project Manager Vuk Karanovic reviewing the milestones of the project – such as the workshops organised across Europe, many online webinars as well as the provision and delivery of much-needed educational material for those working at the entry level of the game.  

An open exchange of views followed next, thus involving representatives of all partners – the National Federations of Estonia, Finland, North Macedonia, and Slovakia – and two renowned sports universities based in Cologne, Germany and Ankara, Turkey. The partners shared updates on the latest activities run in their respective countries.

“It is sad that we were not able to have an in-person final meeting, but overall we had a very productive exchange even online. I am happy with what we have achieved with the help of all partners involved in the project even though we have had to deal with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.”

Vuk Karanovic
CEV Head of Development and Project Manager

The agenda of the meeting included a presentation of the results resulting from a survey run by the European Observatoire of Sport and Employment (EOSE) on the handbook produced in conjunction with the project. Moreover, the partners agreed that their joint effort has made sure they have achieved the goals set at the beginning of their common journey – especially the provision of an innovative and interesting handbook for coaches and physical education teachers, currently available in seven different languages with more to follow. Most of those responding to the survey have provided a very positive feedback on the educational material, acknowledging that the handbook will help them engage with children aged from eight to 12 – the target group of the project.

“The project is a truly strategic asset for the CEV – it has become a much larger School Project currently involving 26 National Federations, which have understood its benefits, such as the provision of educational and material support for their activities run in conjunction with the project. I would like to express my gratitude to all the partners for their contribution and commitment throughout the past three years and the efforts they made. This was the first Volleyball project ever funded by Erasmus+. I am confident that with this project we have broken new ground and I hope that many of our stakeholders will follow this example, seeking the same support in their efforts to grow the Volleyball game at all levels,” Karanovic concluded.

Click here for further information on the project.

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