Scottish Volleyball to engage youngsters through CEV School Project

Scottish Volleyball have drafted a very comprehensive and ambitious plan to deliver activities run in conjunction with the CEV School Project ‘Play Volleyball – Grow with it’ as they aim to make Volleyball more accessible and sustainable in Scotland. They are due to work with some 40 schools, thus engaging almost 1,000 students throughout the school year 2021-2022.

“Some of the projects aim to use Volleyball as a tool to achieve wider societal outcomes. Therefore, we hope to be able to report on some fantastic impacts going forward, but this may take more time than the volleyball specific impact we will see as a result of the project.”

Lynne Beattie
Project Manager and 2012 Olympian for Team GB

“Our COVID-19 situation within schools is still quite fragile. We are allowed in to coach, but schools cannot mix, and so festivals and events are not possible at this time. Therefore, we have planned for more local school related activity, with the hope of delivering some inter-schools events in 2022,” she continues. “We are very excited to distribute the new balls and equipment to the schools involved and we look forward to being able to award the schools with the fantastic medals we received from CEV.”

The first few sessions took place over the last couple of weeks and more activities are due to follow soon – always in compliance with all of the relevant and applicable health and hygiene guidelines.

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