Some 2,700 Icelandic children involved in School Project activities in October alone

As many as 2,717 children joined the activities run by the Icelandic Volleyball Association (BLI) this past October in conjunction with the CEV School Project ‘Play Volleyball, grow with it’. With 11 events delivered across the country, the BLI managed to reach 55 schools and to involve 14 Volleyball clubs in their efforts to grow the game at the grassroots level.

If we take a closer look at the participants, the fifth-graders account for the highest number (1,034), followed by those currently attending the sixth (1,029) and fourth grade (654), respectively. If we analyse the geographical distribution, the students from Kópavogur were the largest group (584) to join the School Project activities, with those living in Hafnarfjörður (423) and Akureyri (388) following next.        

The events run by the Icelandic Volleyball Association this far represent a real milestone in the development and promotion of Volleyball in the country. The largest group of kids – around 600 – came together in Kópavogur, with the organisers truly enjoying the experience of seeing so many children playing Volleyball at the same time in a single arena.

The BLI is now drafting plans to deliver more activities, with a focus on those schools, which have shown an interest – while creating groups with the support of local clubs. The BLI will support these schools and clubs through the provision of balls and nets. Moreover, the Icelandic Volleyball Association wishes to educate coaches and PE teachers across the country throughout the winter season.

The BLI staff and leadership will continue to work hard to grow Volleyball in Iceland, with further drive and inspiration coming from the meetings attended in late October at the CEV headquarters in Luxembourg by BLI President Grétar Eggertsson and High Performance Manager Burkhard Disch.

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