SCA Federations join CEV for beach administrators meeting

Despite the constraints still resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, the European Beach Volleyball community is very much looking forward to the upcoming season, as shown by the webinar hosted on Tuesday afternoon by the CEV Beach Volleyball Department. More than 40 Beach Volleyball administrators representing as many as 32 National Federations joined the Zoom session, thus spreading a positive feeling among all those working daily for the good of the sport.

After a rather short and yet successful 2020 season, the months ahead may look challenging at first glance, but both up-and-coming and more established players can already look forward to an impressive number of confirmed events, with major highlights such as the Olympic-qualifying Continental Cup Final and EuroBeachVolley in The Hague and Vienna, respectively.

The staff of the CEV Beach Volleyball Department briefed their colleagues from across Europe about the latest updates and changes to the CEV Regulatory Framework as well as the main requirements for the delivery of successful CEV and FIVB-sanctioned events, including national and zonal tours.

Even though the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe, the CEV’s priority remains to provide opportunities for athletes to compete in an environment that is safe for everyone involved. To this extent, the CEV continues to update its Hygiene Guidelines and Beach Volleyball specifications for the safe delivery of events in pandemic times, learning from the experiences of 2020 as well as taking into consideration the evolution of the global health crisis and the measures adopted by national and international authorities to curb the spread of the virus.

While promoting collaboration and a continuous communication with all stakeholders, the CEV will work hard to deliver Beach Volleyball competitions even in 2021, thus providing the stars of today as well as those of tomorrow with the right stage where to perform, hone their skills and inspire others to follow their example.

At the same time, using its online campus in a more and more digitalised world, the CEV will support the work of National Federations and the growth of the game through educational activities such as comprehensive courses as well as workshops and masterclasses specifically designed for Beach Volleyball coaches and clubs.

What matters the most is that the Beach Volleyball community is very much alive and ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead. We can all look forward to an exciting campaign, which is due to get underway in early May with the second stage of the CEV Continental Cup and the three events coming up in Baden (Austria), Madrid (Spain) and Izmir (Turkey). This will certainly set the tone for another hot and highly entertaining Beach Volleyball season! 

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