SCA Federations involved in CEV think tank

The CEV Board of Administration decided in late 2020 to establish a series of ‘think tanks’ in order to involve all relevant stakeholders in devising plans to innovate and further grow the sport at all levels. This move is testament to the CEV leadership’s vision and wish to foster a continuous communication with all partners while urging to think out of the box in order to find new ways that can raise the status of the Volleyball game in the sports business.  

A series of virtual meetings involving invitees to the Beach Volleyball think tank took place on Friday. The attendees discussed a number of strategic items such as the identification of a sustainable business model to deliver Beach Volleyball competitions in Europe and the future event structure, the involvement of National Federations and clubs in activities to grow the game and the use of Beach Volleyball facilities towards the achievement of such goals.

The think tank involved representatives of National Federations, event organisers / promoters, clubs, and other key stakeholders – each one with their own interesting perspective on things, but all equally motivated to contribute to the further growth of Beach Volleyball in Europe.

The outcome of their work and discussions will provide valuable food for thought to the CEV Board of Administration when devising plans to raise the profile of Beach Volleyball and inspire the next generation of elite players. 

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