SCA Represented in cev working groups

Following the in-person meeting of the CEV Board of Administration held at the end of last week in Luxembourg City, the CEV released on Friday the composition of four Working Groups covering the 2020-2024 mandate. Next to the Athletes’ Working Group chaired by former Polish Volleyball star Pawel Zagumny, another three such groups will be dealing with Marketing, Development & Cooperation with the Zonal Associations, and Snow Volleyball in an effort to support the CEV’s leadership to grow the sport at all levels.  

“As with the CEV Commissions, the CEV Working Groups are taking on a challenging and demanding role and we expect them to show the same passion and commitment to bring the best out of our beloved sport and all its stakeholders,” said CEV President Aleksandar Boričić. “We have gathered a wide range of experts for these groups and we are certain that they can carry out this mission in the best possible way.”

The CEV established an Athletes’ Working Group for the very first time back in 2017, with Zagumny now leading it until 2024. This working group includes a number of former and current elite athletes and provides players with a platform where to share their views and contribute to the growth of the sport. The other working groups will focus on key areas identified by the CEV leadership as highly important for the further development of the game. The Development & Cooperation with Zonal Associations Working Group is a newly established one, and it aims at coordinating the many projects in place to grow the game at the grassroots level.

“The CEV leadership always supports open and transparent communication. Therefore, we encourage all National Federations to get involved in the ongoing open discussion and send us their ideas, comments, and suggest potential improvements whenever they deem it necessary. Because after all, you and all of us are CEV!” the CEV President added. “My colleagues from the Board of Administration and I are very hopeful for the new composition of the Working Groups and we are looking forward to their interesting and valuable input. With hard work from all of us, we can expect great things to come for European Volleyball.”

Click here for further information and the detailed composition of each working group.

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