CEV BoA members lay foundations for Volleyball to continue to thrive

CEV President Aleksandar Boričić chaired on Friday a virtual meeting of the CEV Board of Administration, welcoming those members joining for the very first time after the elections held this past October as well as those returning to spend another term working for the good of the Volleyball game. The discussions revolved around the future of European Volleyball, with the BoA members sharing the same positive energy, commitment and ambition to help grow the sport even further.

In order to achieve such a goal, they identified areas where to work in first instance, with an emphasis put on TV, marketing and data collection to capitalise on the potential disclosed by the signing of important multi-year partnerships sealed in 2019 and early 2020. This is obviously the way to go in order to stay competitive in the sports business and make sure that European Volleyball becomes a benchmark and a point of reference in this industry.

Despite the many challenges brought by the current global health crisis, the European Volleyball family is working hard and already looking forward to a number of top events due to take place in 2021. The list includes the CEV Champions League Volley Super Finals, EuroVolley as well as EuroBeachVolley. Despite all constraints, the priority remains to deliver events that can inspire the next generation of Volleyball players as well as provide an iconic stage for the top players in Europe and in the world to display their supreme physical and technical skills while energising and thrilling their supporters.

However, elite sport would not exist without its promotion at the grassroots level and with this in mind, the BoA members agreed on the establishment of a Development Working Group in charge of coordinating all projects dealing with the promotion of the sport among the youngsters as well as the work done by Zonal Associations to this very same extent. These actions can pave the way towards the growth of tomorrow’s Volleyball stars and the work to achieve this goal starts today already.

While innovating and working to raise the status of the Volleyball game even further, the European Volleyball family will continue to work in cooperation with the FIVB – as the two organisations have been close partners for many years and share the same vision to make Volleyball as popular as possible across the globe and all age groups.

Finally, to continue with the trend set by the unprecedented ‘Marshall Plan’ for European Volleyball launched this past spring, the CEV Board of Administration endorsed a proposal to provide further financial support to members of the Volleyball family so that activities can continue even in times of coronavirus pandemic. This decision is testament to the CEV’s wish to help overcome the crisis and lay the foundations for the sport to continue to thrive as soon as some sort of normalcy is back in everyone’s lives.

In other words, European Volleyball appears stronger than ever in its desire to find sustainable ways to navigate these difficult times and the CEV will continue to work with all stakeholders as members of one team in order to ensure a bright future of the sport!

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