CEV staff members help raise funds for Red Cross during coronavirus crisis

The Volleyball family stands out for its strong sense of solidarity and this feature has come to the fore during the toughest days and weeks of the coronavirus crisis and the resulting lockdown. A number of members of the staff working at the CEV headquarters in Luxembourg joined forces back in April to raise funds accounting for more than 1,300 € in favour of the Red Cross.

In his capacity as CEV staff representative, CEV Transfers and Legal Coordinator Apostolos Gogakos presented the donation to Mr Michel Simonis, General Director of the Red Cross Luxembourg, which run their nationwide fund-raising action every year during the month of April (see picture above).

“With your help, you have helped us support the most vulnerable members of our community, as they face the social and health consequences of the pandemic that has been affecting Luxembourg and the whole world,” wrote Mr Simonis in a letter addressed to the CEV staff.

Even a small act of solidarity can help the most disadvantaged people navigate these difficult times and cement the importance of a virtue – solidarity – that is so close to the heart of the Volleyball family.

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