Husband and wife spark Volleyball fever in the Faroe Islands

Peter Morell (61) and his wife Anne Frederiksen (58) are the driving force behind the extremely successful implementation of the CEV School Project in the Faroe Islands.

“We are from Denmark. We both have a background as teachers specialising in sports and I have a Master’s degree in Sports and Welfare,” Morell says. “I have worked for as many as 20 years as Development Director in Volleyball Denmark, finishing in 2016. Back in 2004, I developed and implemented the idea of Kidsvolley,” he continues. “This is a concept specifically designed for the youngest Volleyball players aged 6 to 12, which continues to work with great success in my native Denmark.”

“I stopped working for Volleyball Denmark three years ago, and it was my own choice. I wanted to follow my dream of being able to pass on my passion for Kidsvolley to others while experiencing other cultures and societies,” Morell recounts. “I would like to point out that I have still maintained my contact with Volleyball Denmark as a senior consultant. My wife Anne chose to stop working as a teacher three years ago. It was and is important to us that we could pursue and fulfil our dream together, as a family, as husband and wife,” he adds.

This dream has taken Peter and Anne to the Northern Atlantic. “Our first stop was the Faroe Islands. This is a small community of 50,000 inhabitants scattered across 18 islands in the middle of the Atlantic. It is a society with a strong sports culture and Volleyball as a central part of it. We have been living here and working for the Faroese Volleyball Association for three years now, focussing on the School Project supported by CEV. It has been a fantastic experience in every possible way,” Morell admits.

“We have been able to help develop Kidsvolley in schools and Volleyball clubs for the benefit of a lot of children, teachers and coaches. Everyone has been incredibly helpful and we have come to know many amazing and nice people. They have learned Kidsvolley from us and in return, we have learned a lot about the country and its culture. Being able to make a difference for many children has been the major driving force for us. To feel their joy when playing Kidsvolley and see how quickly they come to manage different volleyball techniques has been very rewarding,” he continues.

“During the three years we have spent in the Faroe Islands, we have visited all schools and taught Kidsvolley to all children between 8 and 11 years of age. It is a pleasure to travel everywhere in the Faroe Islands and be greeted by children who recognise us as those they have had in Kidsvolley classes at school or in the club,” an emotional Morell admits.

“The Faroe Islands have been the first stop of our journey, but will not be our last. In September, we will move to Greenland to live there and to teach Kidsvolley as well. It will be another fantastic experience and we look forward to it. Being part of and experiencing a new culture using Kidsvolley has become part of our lifestyle. We hope that in the years to come, we will be able to work with Kidsvolley in many more countries and to learn something from the people and cultures we will meet along the way,” he concludes.

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