Faroese cup winners crowned in Tórshavn

The Faroese national cup finals were once again a huge success with the matches broadcast live nationwide. The men’s final was a one-sided affair with Mjølnir Klaksvík stretching their winning streak this season – they are yet to lose a single match – to secure the title for the first time since 2007. On the other hand, the women’s finale was a real drama with SÍ Sørvágur coming back from two sets down to pull out a 3-2 victory.

Men’s final

Mjølnir Klaksvík vs. Fleyr Tórshavn 3-0 (25-23, 25-20, 25-14)

Having won all of their matches in the league as well as in the cup this season, Mjølnir Klaksvík were huge favourites to beat Fleyr Tórshavn in Saturday’s cup final. Mjølnir did not disappoint, and won in straight sets so secure their first cup title since 2007.

However, Fleyr gave Mjølnir stiff opposition in the first set and showed great resilience as they fought back from 16-20 to level at 20-all and again at 23-all. However, it was in vain, as Mjølnir won the next two points to secure the first set 25-23.  Mjølnir controlled matters in the second set and opened up a five-point lead midway through it before winning it 25-20. In the third set, Mjølnir proved why they currently are the best team in the Faroe Islands as they powered their way to a 25-14 victory to secure their first cup title in 12 years.

“The first set was a bit hectic,” Mjølnir captain Thorvald Danielsen admitted. “It often is in cup finals. However, after winning the first set 25-23, I think our players became more relaxed,” Danielsen told Faroese television. “We have fantastic players in our squad. We are strong in all positions. I do not think we have any weaknesses,” he added.

Men’s finals from the Faroese Television:

Women’s final

Fleyr Tórshavn vs. SÍ Sørvágur 2-3 (25-23, 25-22, 18-25, 18-25, 12-15)

If the men’s final lacked real excitement, the women’s match was a real five-set classic where SÍ Sørvágur fought back from two sets down to win 3-2 against Fleyr Tórshavn.

SÍ had made the better start in the first set, leading 14-9 and 19-15, but after 23-21, Fleyr won the next four points to snatch the set 25-23. The second set was similar, where SÍ led 14-10, but with a strong finish, Fleyr pulled ahead and won 25-22. After an 8-5 lead for Fleyr, SÍ levelled a 10-all and went from 13-all to 17-13  and never looked back and secured the third set 25-18. In the fourth set SÍ quickly opened up a massive 12-5 lead, which increased to 18-7, before SÍ won 25-18.

The tiebreaker was tight at 4-all, 8-all and 10-all before Fleyr took a 12-10 lead, but it turned out to be Fleyr’s last point as SÍ won the next five points in a row to secure the tiebreak 15-12 to complete a remarkable comeback to conquer the cup trophy for the first time since 2010.  

“We just wanted this,” explained SÍ player Annika Niclasen to Faroese television. “We were so hungry for this. We have lost so many finals. We just had to win it this year. It is an incredible feeling. I played in all of those finals,” Niclasen said.

Women’s finals from the Faroese Television:

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