ExCom Meeting Copenhagen February 2019


The executive committee of the Small Countries Association met in Copenhagen and offer their thanks to the Danish Federation for their kind offer to organize a suitable meeting place and venue.

The main items for discussion, development and planning centered around;

– SCA 2019 senior men and women’s championships

– SCA  2019 beach tour and finals

– SCA GA – SCA ExCom elections

– SCA 2020 junior competitions

– SCA 2020 beach development camp

– SCA Snow Volley

– SCA development projects

Further to these main headlines the ExCom explored in depth financial budgets and projected support for organizing federations in 2020.

President Fleming said “The opportunity to meet and really move forward issues with all of my fellow ExCom members has been so rewarding. As a group it is important we work hard to ensure the SCA continues to develop and deliver more volleyball at a regional level. It was refreshing to discuss new opportunities especially in beach and snow volleyball.”

The SCA ExCom wish express their sincere condolences to their friend and colleague Niclas Joensen who unfortunately was unable to join them for this meeting due to a family bereavement.

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