Faroe Islands braced to host #EuroVolleyU16W qualifier

BorgarstjorinThe Faroese Volleyball Association together with the Tórshavn municipality will be hosting a #EuroVolleyU16W zonal qualifier from January 4 to 6, 2019 featuring the national teams of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Sweden and hosts Faroe Islands. The eventual winners of the tournament will qualify for the Final Round due to take place in July 2019 in Italy and Croatia.

The Faroese Volleyball Association has previously organised both European and World Championship qualifiers, and each time it has been in close cooperation with the Tórshavn municipality, which in recent years has been seeking to get major sporting events to the Faroese capital.

“Without the cooperation with the Tórshavn municipality, we would not have been able to bid for an event like this, because it is a very demanding task to organise it and to get the manpower needed for it,” said Magnus Tausen, President of the Faroese Volleyball Association. “Such an event also uses enormous resources regarding accommodation, sports facilities and financing,” Tausen added.

“Our cooperation with Tórshavn’s municipality and great sponsors like Atlantic Airways, Hotel Føroyar and others is therefore essential when we offer to host such an event,” he continued.

Sports hall to be fully tested

Together, the Faroese Volleyball Association and the Tórshavn municipality have before hosted both European and World Championship qualifying tournaments, but this time there will be a record six countries competing. The whole tournament will last for three days only, so it will be a demanding task for the organisers, and the newly renovated sports hall will be tested to its fullest – a kind of an exam for it, as it has not hosted such a big tournament on such a high international level before.

One-half of the sports hall will be used as competition hall while the other half will be for training and warm-up purposes.

However, the President of the Faroese Volleyball Association is not afraid of the challenge ahead: “We have high expectations in every way and are extremely pleased that we once more will be hosting a European event in the Faroe Islands,” Tausen concluded.

Picture: Magnus Tausen, President of the Faroese Volleyball Association, flanked by Tórshavn Mayor Annika Olsen (left) and Deputy Mayor Gunvør Balle.

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