CEV BoA meeting lays foundations for further growth of Volleyball in Europe

The CEV Board of Administration had their first plenary meeting of the year on Saturday in Kazan, only a few hours away from the highly anticipated semi-finals of the 2018 CEV Volleyball Champions League – Men. CEV President Aleksandar Boričić was pleased with the outcome and the atmosphere of the meeting, as the Board decided to action a number of proposals in order to increase activities and provide an additional boost to the overall growth and development of Volleyball.

“Our Volleyball family will continue to work hard together with all 56 National Federations and we will be doing so as one Volleyball team in order to raise the value and popularity of our sport at all levels,” the CEV President said before visiting the CEV Volleyball Champions League semi-final matches in Kazan.

The Board of Administration reviewed the many proposals prepared by the CEV Commissions following their respective annual meetings held earlier this year and the members discussed a number of improvements to the CEV Volleyball Champions League resulting from the open and productive exchange of views that the CEV authorities had at the CL Forum in Luxembourg back in March.

It is the wish of the CEV’s leadership to foster the development of Volleyball, Beach Volleyball and Snow Volleyball at all levels – with a focus on the younger generations. The CEV will be reaching out to this target audience especially through their ‘Volleyball at School’ project, with contracts already in place with a number of Federations and their respective national authorities.

The Board of Administration reviewed the 2017 accounts as well as the reports prepared by internal and external auditors, which underline the sound financial situation enjoyed by the European Volleyball Confederation. The BoA finalised the draft 2019 budget as well, whose approval is due to follow at the CEV General Assembly due to take place later this November in Cancun, Mexico, on the eve of the FIVB annual General Meeting.

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