Luxembourg Volleyball family pay touching tribute to Denitza Krivova

The Volleyball family of the Grand Duchy came together on Friday night at Hall Omnisports in Esch-sur-Alzette, the country’s second-largest city, for a truly emotional moment and a friendly match paying tribute to the late Denitza Krivova, ten years after her premature death in a car accident.

The Escher Volleyball Club, for which ‘Deni’ played from 2005 to 2007, hosted the tenth edition of the ‘Memorial Denitza Krivova’ together with Deni’s family and the Luxembourg Volleyball Federation. A large crowd attended the friendly match between the women’s national team of Luxembourg and France’s Terville Florange Olympique, the club Krivova was playing for at the time of her tragic death.

The visitors from France eventually celebrated a 3-0 victory but the home ‘Red Lionesses’ put up a real fight, thus paying the right tribute to Denitza and living up to her legacy.

A visibly emotional Ranguel Krivov, Deni’s father and himself a former Volleyball player, addressed the audience thanking everyone for their closeness and friendship – and for the respect they paid to Denitza by attending this event. The ‘Memorial Denitza Krivova’ has become some kind of a tradition and the organisers are committed to making sure that this will continue for years to come, thus remembering a talented Volleyball player and lovely girl who passed away a way too early – but whose memory is still well alive in everyone’s heart and mind.

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