Larnaca braced to host CEV Satellite and Youth Continental Cup qualifier

First impressions are always the ones that matter most.  And the first impressions are ‘so indexfar so good’, regarding Larnaca’s preparations in staging three of this summer’s CEV Beach Volleyball events, i.e. the 2017 women’s Beach Volleyball Satellite tournament and the 2017-2018 Youth Beach Volleyball Continental Cup qualifier in both genders.

Everything goes according to plan, according to CEV Technical Supervisor Tosho Stoyanov.  “From what I have been able to observe since my arrival in Cyprus yesterday, all the people here are working extremely hard not only to achieve the best result for their city and their country in general but also to emulate previous Beach Volleyball tournaments staged in Larnaca.”

“Experienced people, good team spirit, duties split accordingly and last but not least excellent co-operation between the Cyprus Volleyball Federation and the Larnaca Municipality are obvious for everybody to observe, even if we are on the eve of the three events,” he added.

The majority of the athletes have arrived early in order to adjust to the weather and court conditions that they will be facing from tomorrow until Sunday. In their message, the organisers wish everyone ‘kali tixi’ (good luck). The participants should try to give their best performance but also try to enjoy themselves, because Beach Volleyball is only a game after all!

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