Team San Marino gear up for home Games with mum and daughter playing together

The women’s national team of San Marino is currently preparing for the much-anticipated Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE) that this tiny country will be hosting in late May – early June 2017. This past weekend the Sammarinese players joined an international tournament where they took on Gabicce – an Italian team playing in the B2 division – and the national team of Malta, one of their opponents at the GSSE later this year. San Marino had something to celebrate as they beat Gabicce 3-0 and Malta 2-1 (in this match, only three sets counted towards the result, even though the two teams played five).

These matches were something special for two players of the Sammarinese team – Samanta Giardi and her daughter Elena Para (pictured below), both on the roster of San Marino for this tournament. Volleyball is quite a family thing in San Marino since siblings Elisa and Chiara Parenti were both included in the starting six.

“We have been working very hard for four days and I am pleased with the attitude shown by my players; they have been very much focussed and determined to improve. I have seen good things but there is still a lot to work on,” head coach Luigi Morolli commented. “Sometimes we have been leading the way but we provided our opponents with the opportunity to come back and this is not something we will be able to afford during the Games. There is still room for improvement but the team is showing progress.”

Click here for further information on the 2017 edition of the Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE)


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