Greek Final 4 takes place in Cyprus

The President of the Cyprus Volleyball Federation Michalis Krasiás after completion of 15781326_1825886527650152_9086345228410287408_ncontacts in Athens for organisational issues final of League Cup-4 ” ” 2017 Nikos Samaras gave an interview in which he expressed optimism about the success of the event, was reported in organisational Issues and the importance of organizing for the Cyprus volleyball. Also spoke about the possibility to compete again in the future to the Greek Cypriot teams championship and gave special wish for 2017.

‘The organisation of the league cup is the goal we set for some time with the committee and especially with Mr Tarnatóro. We are now in the last stage of preparation. Because Ypḗrpsan controversy over whether the organization will be, now I can say that has been finalised. For me there never was such a thing and now we’re talking about the details of the tournament and we are ready to be an organisation of the champions league “, he said at first and continued:

” the president of the Cyprus sport us fully supports and will be under the auspices of the Cyprus sport. From the side of justice ministry requested not to make the organization because they fear the information coming from Greece with the risk of incidents. We explained to everyone that will be all of the necessary steps to become a festival of volleyball “.

For the tickets and if you can a Greek to see the final-4 ” is a Greek Cypriot resident can see the games. If you are resident in Greece won’t be able. The event to be exclusively for Greeks of Cyprus “.

For ticket promḗtheusē ” may internet, we will be ready for sale around January 10th and volleyball people may also from the Federation. There will be a match, to state name, id number and it will be necessary to reach the gḗpedom should have with their political identity “.

15781554_1825886747650130_338171733998466406_nOn Cyprus Volleyball: ” we know that the Greek volleyball is higher than the Cyprus. And we’re Greek, we need thesupport of the Greeks, and we need to find a way to climb higher “. volleyball

For… thoughts about single championship: ” the last team that played in Greek championship was the recovery. This would be the ideal. Of course because now we go for the solution to the Cyprus problem, we’ll have to wait because the issue is political “.

Closing Mr. Krasiás made a wish for 2017: ” to wish for 2017 to all health and happiness. Wish especially for volleyball and Cyprus and Greece to climb higher.

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