Upcoming CEV Congress to herald new era for Volleyball in Europe

The annual CEV General Assembly will be taking place this coming Saturday, November 12 in Luxembourg City, thereby gathering representatives of as many as 53 National Federations – two are set to be represented by proxy – as well as a number of high-profile guests and stakeholders, including FIVB President Dr Ary S. Graça F°. The anticipation of Europe’s Volleyball family is mounting as this year’s General Assembly coincides with the first event of this calibre to be organised under the leadership of CEV President Aleksandar Boričić and the other members of the CEV Board of Administration elected last year in Sofia.

A live gallery of the XXXVII CEV General Assembly will be available here.

The format and programme of the General Assembly have been re-designed in order to reflect the strategic vision of the new CEV Leadership and – at the same time – to provide the attendees with a platform where all members of Europe’s Volleyball family can openly exchange their views and ideas on how to best further grow and promote the sport.

“I look forward to hosting all members of our Volleyball family in Luxembourg for our annual General Assembly which will be taking place in the country which hosts the real ‘home’ of European Volleyball – a place whose doors are always open and where all those working for the good of Volleyball are always welcomed with open arms,” the CEV President said.

“It is the aim of the new CEV Leadership to re-shape and modernise our organisation and to explore new ways to further develop Volleyball, Beach Volleyball and Snow Volleyball in Europe. As a result, we also wished to revamp our annual General Meeting, so that it reflects the changes in policy, governance and vision we have been pursuing since last year’s elections in Sofia,” Mr Boričić continued.

“It is our intention and wish to turn this gathering into the right platform where all members of the Volleyball family can exchange views and ideas, and openly discuss about how we can best promote and grow our sport. Therefore, I encourage all delegates to be ready to actively contribute to the discussions we will have and to share their knowledge, expertise, national programmes so that all other members of our Volleyball family can benefit from their experiences,” the CEV President stressed.

“The new CEV Leadership is pursuing a number of ambitious goals by sticking with key principles and values such as transparency, openness, inclusion. We do want each and every member of our Volleyball family to be and feel a part of this ambitious process we have initiated to herald a new era for our sport and its management and governance across the whole of Europe,” Mr Boričić concluded.

A meeting of the CEV Executive Committee and Board of Administration will be taking place on Thursday, November 10 at the CEV headquarters in Luxembourg City before the Zonal Associations come together on the eve of the Congress for their respective annual plenary meetings.

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