Summer tournament at Birżebbuġa courts

The first National Beachvolley Cup will be held between June 19 and July 24, the Malta Volleyball Association (MVA) sport_01_0_temp-1465631412-575bc2b4-620x348announced this week.

The competition, to be staged at the beach-games courts in Birżebbuġa, will include matches for men, women and Under-23 girls.

MVA president Jesmond Saliba emphasised the significance of this new competition.

“The tournament is yet another initiative outlined in our original strategic plan for the sport of volleyball,” he said in an MVA statement.

“Having a National Beachvolley Cup is significant on many counts, not least because this is the first step towards giving a participative and developmental structure to an Olympic sport which holds a lot of promise for Malta internationally.”

Saliba also said that Malta has the potential to become a regional hub for this ever-growing sport.

“As a popular Mediterranean island destination, with its very accessible beaches and tourism infrastructure, our country can easily make a name for itself as a mecca for professional and amateur beachvolley players,” Saliba explained.

“Beachvolley is an environmental-friendly sport with practically no impact in terms of beach usage, while being a veritable crowd puller in tourist terms.

“However, current limitations almost restrict beachvolley sport to one beach in Malta – that in Birżebbuġa.”

MVA executive council member David Bonnici is responsible for the running of the tournament.

Matches will be played on Sundays and trophies will be awarded to the winners and runners-up in all categories.

The competition will be played according to FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) rules.

More information about the National Beachvolley Cup can be accessed from the or via the Facebook page.

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