Faroese star player Sofía Purkhús tops scoring charts in Danish national league

With the Faroese Volleyball elite having completed the domestic season with their Sofia Purkhus in deep defencenational championship finals earlier this weekend, players from the archipelago are also making their mark in the Danish elite division, the Volley Ligaen, where Faroese sisters Elisabeth and Sofía Purkhús play for Amager VK, a team that was promoted to the top tier for the first time this season. The Faroese sisters have been an integral part of the team that has reached the playoffs for the finals of the Danish championship.

Amager VK missed out on the finals, though, as they ended second in their three-team playoff group, winning one match and losing one, but the team will still be competing for the bronze medals.

Much credit for the achievement of this historic feat by the newcomers goes to Sofía, the younger of the Purkhús sisters, who is the top scorer overall in the Danish league as well as the best spiker of the competition.

Purkhús is currently leading the competition’s scoring charts with 244 points, followed by Deprece Washington and Amanda Joanne Brown, both from Lyngby, who have recorded a tally of 234 and 231 points, respectively.

Purkhús also has a healthy lead in list of the best hitters with 213 winning spikes, followed by Trine Noer Kjelstrup (Brøndby) and Deprece Washington (Lyngby) in second and third position, respectively, on 186 and 185 points.

Detailed statistics can be retrieved here: http://dvbf-web.azurewebsites.net/Statistics.aspx?ID=29

These are figures that Jóhan Petur á Stongum, national coach for the Faroe Islands’ women’s Volleyball national team, will be especially pleased to see, as Purkhús is sure to be one of his best assets when the Faroe Islands host the qualifying round of the 2017 CEV Small Countries Division European Championship in May this year, where the home team will be testing the likes of Ireland, Liechtenstein and Cyprus.

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