Faroe Islands to host qualifying event for next women’s World and European Championships

The decision has been made. The Faroese capital Tórshavn will be hosting a qualification Fyrrverandi Føroyameistarartournament for the next women’s World and European Championships in May.

Right since its foundation in 1980, the Faroese Volleyball Association has been very active on the international stage with their junior and senior national teams and has also organised a number of international competitions, including the Small Countries Division (SCD) women’s qualification tournament held in Tórshavn in 2008.

In connection with the next European and World Championships which begin in 2016 and whose finals will be held in 2017 and 2018 respectively, the Faroese Volleyball Association came forward and offered to host one of the first-round qualifiers for the women’s competition.

The CEV have now confirmed that one of these tournaments will be contested in the Faroe Islands. The other teams set to compete in the group are Ireland, Liechtenstein and Cyprus.

As in 2008 when the Faroese Volleyball Association hosted an SCD qualifying tournament, Tórshavn will again be the host city this time and the matches will again be played at the á Hálsi sports hall.

“Faroese Volleyball on the international stage is usually played abroad, when our teams compete with others. To get the opportunity to play at home is therefore exceptional and very exciting for Volleyball as a whole and the players especially, who for once get to showcase their sport in front of a home crowd,” said Magnus Tausen, chairman of the Faroese Volleyball Association.

“This event is only possible if several parties work together on it. The good cooperation between Atlantic Airways, Hotel Føroyar and especially the Tórshavn Municipality which provides the facilities, makes it possible for the Faroe Islands to again host an international event on the highest level,” Tausen concluded.

Picture: Two former Volleyball champions of the Faroe Islands, Helena Dam á Neystabø, chairwoman of Tórshavn City Council’s Culture Committee and Magnus Tausen, chairman of the Faroese Volleyball Association.

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