First tournament win for FLVB-Men in the Novotel Cup history! Silver for the ladies.

all.pngTheoretically handed a set win in the game against Iceland the FLVB-Men in order to secure the first tournament victory in the Novotel’s history. But the red lion had two days earlier played in a frenzy, she was no longer able to stop and offered the some 1,000 spectators late Sunday afternoon again a spectacle in a class. The spark jumped over quickly and the FLVB team was downright worn by the great audience success. Powerful master Six began to Captain Gilles Braas and let the Icelanders do not stand a chance in the first and hence deciding set (25-14). The substitute Erpelding, Gajin, Kiffer and radio were and got an opportunity in the following sentences and thus signaled the coaching staff Dieter Scholl and Ranguel Krivov that is to continue to count on them. Sentences 2 (25-14) and 3 (25-19) were a mere formality, and the team was able to fully enjoy the well-deserved victory in front of an impressive backdrop.

The FLVB ladies knew how to convince previously in the game. How were blown away the interim doubt that had crept after the first game against Denmark. With the confidence that the players had earned in the match against Liechtenstein again the day before, the ladies started on Sunday afternoon against the Icelandic team (25-22). However, a short gasp of guests could the Luxembourg City to captain Isabelle fresh unstoppable who were infected by the enthusiasm of Annalena Mach and Betty Hoffmann itself more and more, concluding the 2nd set at 27-25. Much to the delight of the numerous spectators, the girls brought with 25-19 then set 3 and a silver medal.

This year’s “Deni KRIVOVA Trophy”, which is awarded every year at the Novotel Cup in commemorating Denitza Krivova to the most talented young player of the tournament, was presented at the award ceremony of Ranguel Krivov and daughter Leah to the Icelander Elísabet Einarsdóttir.

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